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5 5 (4 reviews)
Ultra Video Gallery 6.9.0 / Compatible with Latest Elastic Transcoder
IT C (4) says... 5 5.0

user icon Works very well out of the box. Very good documentation and not a lot of configuration necessary to get started. Still does have a lot of customization options. UVG Converter and FTP synchronization are very simple and useful utilities. Great support.

posted on 2/18/2014
Actravia Event Booking 4.1 - Super Customizable Module for Online Booking and Events
IT C (4) says... 5 5.0

user icon Simple user interface. Handles all my use cases for event booking, including administrative stuff like invoicing and updating finance dept. Templating feature makes it easy to integrate into my skin. "EXCELLENT" support from this module's developer.

posted on 2/17/2014
DNN Essentials Collection
IT C (4) says... 5 5.0

user icon Skin works perfectly and is easy to use. Works well with common modules like Ventrian news articles. Good support.

posted on 2/17/2014 replied...
user icon Thanks!
OnyakTech Platinum Modules and Skins Collection
IT C (4) says... 5 5.0

user icon Excellent value for money. Some modules require a little advanced knowledge but no matter what you're tying to do ... there is likely a module in this package that can do it.

posted on 2/17/2014