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(70% SALE) 5 Top DNN Theme Collection (v.07) DNN 6.x,7.x, 8.x & DNN 9.x
Steve G (3) says... 5 5.0

user icon Prompt reply and great support!

posted on 1/27/2017
AliCommerce Shopping Cart 1.0 Professional
Steve G (3) says... 1 1.0

user icon Purchased it, but can't use it. No import or export functionality. Exports or imports to Amazon or Ebay? Forget about it! No documentation. A one page HTML Readme for all those functions and features? Get real.... Only Payment Gateway is Paypal. a whopping 4 reports for the whole storefront. They need to do a little more homework before releasing a product like an E-Commerce Shopping Cart. Sir: You don't seem to understand. How would I know where these things are without any documentation? I have included a file of screenshots of what I see. I only see one Payment type of "PAYPAL" when I go to Settings>Payment. A feature list does not tell me where the other payment types are or how to get to them. It doesn't tell me how to import CATALook files. There is nothing listed in your feature list about CATALook, nor in the 1 page readme. I showed it to my customer and the first thing he said to me is "How can I get a list of all 300 customers so that I can verify that they were keyed in correctly since we cannot import them SQL?" There is only one theme "Grey". I have unzipped everything and there is no "Orange Theme", and of course noting to tell you where you might find it. I had to send you the Domain name twice because you missed it in our first email. This could all be avoided if you just did some simple documentation. A feature list only tells me what you claim it does not tell me how they work or how to use them. Your product is not that intuitive. I would not expect something as complicated as a Commerce Site to be that simple and it isn't.

posted on 11/2/2007
AliCommerce replied...
user icon Not sure what we did wrong to deserve this. Obviously you didn't read feature list carefully before you buy. Did we mention we provide import tool from catalook? Why you should blame us for you own fault? Regarding documentation, we will improve it. But if anyone has ever spent 10 minutes on our demo site, he/she will see how intuitive it is and should be able to figure out at least 90% function easily. Regarding payment gateway, what you said is WRONG; there are other 5 payment gateways. How long did you spent learning how to use it? 2 minutes? 3 minutes? Did you write to us for help? Regarding report, did we mention we have customer report? Again, you should have read feature list carefully before you buy. Obviously you're a very impatient man. Please do YOUR homework next time before making a purchase decision.
OldTurtle Universal Scroller
Steve G (3) says... 1 1.0

user icon No Documentation, not even a Readme. Got this message after I placed it in a Container: 'There were problems in the specified SQL connection string or the SQL select/command is returning errors. Check the Setting page and try again.' Not very professional. If I have to create my own connection strings and write my own SQL and create my own Template..Why do I need their Module ?

posted on 3/25/2007
OldTurtle Dev Labs replied...
user icon Dear Mr. Gavrilles, I would like to let you note that the message is a default reminder or the user to configure the module, before it can be used. That is not an error message. In other words, the module cannot automatically know what content you wish to see scrolling. The module does not contain a simple readme.txt, because all the documentation is on our website, where we can easily keep update. We have live demos, "how to" sections and also a forum. It doesn't seem you fully understood the purpous of the module. We also emailed you offering support, but we had no replies. The are plenty of customers that enjoyed this module, if you could contact us we could try to explain/solve the problems together. Keep in mind that we offer the chance to download a FULL demo, before you buy. Best regards, OldTurtle Dev Labs.