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Revindex Storefront 17 - ECommerce Shopping Cart Store
Jenny C (3) says... 4 4.0

user icon This module is working out well; was a much better option than others of its kind and trial version was true to functionality, gave me a great opportunity to kick the tires (others fell WAY short of this!). Only thing I wish it had more of was reporting, perhaps future enhancements? Thanks for a good product so far!

posted on 7/28/2011
Vision XHTML W3C Skins
Jenny C (3) says... 5 5.0

user icon This skin has been fantastic all the way around. Love the current design and color options (will probably purchase this in another color after having trouble with another skin for a sister site), as I know this one is good-looking AND works properly with my critical e-commerce module. Good job, guys!

posted on 7/28/2011 replied...
user icon Thank you for your good reviews, we'll try our best to improve our products and services. Best Regards, Jerry,
Metro Skin (Pink Color)(only $27)(Dnn5+Dnn4)
Jenny C (3) says... 2 2.0

user icon After thorough testing, I could not get this skin to work properly with a critical e-commerce module. Functionality and apparent style sheet issues right and left. Totally unusable for my site. Got what I paid for, I guess. Disappointing.

posted on 7/28/2011
DnnSalix replied...
user icon Dear Jenny, We have got such low rating very first time. The metro skin has been purchased by many other clients and they don't have any complaints. However, if there was any issue with the skin, you should have discussed it with us. We must coordinate with you and resolved the issue. Any way, if you are still facing any issue with the skin, we are here to help you because our client satisfaction is our top priority. Many thanks.