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PackFlash News 4.0
Nate G (5) says... 2 2.0

user icon This product has a lot of features but you will want to spend some time going through the forums and reading the instructions. Otherwise, it's difficult to just stumble your way through everything and figure out what's going on (and figure out the big picture). My main two issues are bugs and fixes. This software is buggy. When you discover one, you can use their forums to get help but that will take some time. This software suffers from the "microsoft" syndrome, where they pack in a ton of features without verifying that the basic functionality still works. A perfect example is their use of templates. You can specify different templates, which correspond to actual files, to use for displaying various information (article lists, article details, etc). Well it does no good to have that feature if selecting a different (non-default) template in the dropdown has no effect, and it doesn't. I waited over a month (literally) to get a response about this issue and when the response came, I was told it was a bug and would be fixed within a few weeks. Finally someone said the fix had been created but that I would have to wait until the updated version was released--i.e., they were not going to release a patch/fix for just my issue. So six weeks later I'm still waiting. For this and other reasons, I am in the process of switching to another product. Packflash is great if you don't mind a few critical bugs and most importantly, waiting weeks to get a response in their forums, and months to actually get anything fixed.

posted on 7/9/2013
PackFlash replied...
user icon Hi Nate, We are truly sorry that you are disappointed with our release schedule, which is the root of this issue. We have learned over time that we need to maintain a schedule to be efficient and it is not possible to release a patch or fix for every issue unless the issue is truly "product breaking" (more on that in a second). The feature that you are referring to did not make the release during the timeframe that you were interested and we can understand your frustration. The feature that you mention also wasn't related to the template and issues around it (which would have been a bigger priority to us if there was an actual failure...which are treated very seriously) was related to the ability to customize the theme for the paging system. While we can empathize that this particular feature did not meet your needs to be able to customize the look and feel easily, we do not view this as "breaking the product" as it should function normally, albeit without the ability to easily change the look and feel of the paging. We also did provide a work-around for this until the feature could be implemented, which there was no response to...leaving us to think that it was sufficient solution. If it was not, this was not clearly communicated or understood. I hope you can see that a break in template not working correctly would be treated much different than the paging customization feature. If you truly felt like this was a "product-breaking" issue, PackFlash provides an 888 number, email support, and a CRM ticket system in addition to the forums to be able to communicate and get your issue resolved. We have found over time that the forums are the least effective way to get resolution because there is no personal touch. That is just an opinion. We wish you all the luck in the world with your endeavors. PackFlash Management
Save as PDF 1.0.2
Nate G (5) says... 2 2.0

user icon I mainly use the UMG module for my photo gallery on my site. The product is OK but the support is lacking. The response time is usually pretty good but several times I was questioned as to why I wanted to do X when I posted a support question about it. I can do without that, Pengsten. If I post a question, just answer it--don't waste time by replying and asking why I would want to do that. Further, in my experience, most of the time when I've asked for help with an issue, such as how to do something very specific, the typical response consists of describing the closest existing option or feature and asking "does it work for you" or something similar. So then you have to respond explaining, again, that you've already seen and tried the options and you want/need to do something different. At that point, it has been very common for me to get a simple "you can't" type of reply. Overall, the cost is not bad for what you get with this module but there are certainly other modules out there that are all around better (quality, features, price, support, etc.) than this one. I have switched and now I use other modules for both my photo and video management and I can tell you that I'm much happier now. I will refrain from listing any other competitors though.

posted on 5/17/2013
Bizmodules Solutions replied...
user icon At first, I appreciate your feedback about our products & service. I don't quite remember which time(s) I asked why you wish to do X, I might ask for further details about your issue because I'm not exactly sure what you wish to do, but normally I don't ask why you wish to do that. If you can show me where we do response in this way, it will help us to promote our further supports. Yes, I do remember some times I ask "Does it(a UMG feature) work for you?", I just wish to remember you there is such a feature in UMG and if it can be used to accomplish your goal. However, if it doesn't work, I'll always try to give you other suggestions.
Dynamic Forms 7.0
Nate G (5) says... 4 4.0

user icon Pretty good module but the backend is incredibly complex and difficult to figure out. I find several things very confusing, even after reading the documentation numerous times. Their support has been good though and they have helped me through several issues. You don't get 100% customization of the look and feel, but pretty close. (For example, when it comes to aligning elements on a form, you can only do so much via the interface. Then you have to resort to CSS and in some cases, it is very difficult if not impossible, to make your form look exactly like you want across all browsers.)

posted on 5/17/2013
Search Boost 5 - A Turnkey DNN Search Solution
Nate G (5) says... 5 5.0

user icon Excellent module, excellent support. There are more features than you probably want or will ever use but this is an excellent product. I highly recommend it and for the functionality it provides, this module is under-valued.

posted on 5/17/2013
Coding Staff News Module version 01.01.04
Nate G (5) says... 2 2.0

user icon The core functionality of this module works well but there are several significant issues. The customer service is very unreliable, at best. I found their support person very unhelpful, as they provided feedback and suggested doing things that I already knew for a fact would not fix the issue. There is a bug with this module. When you click the read more link of any news item, the skin changes to the Edit skin (whatever you set on your site), so the visitor sees a complete change in the look of your site (unless you set the Edit skin to be the same as your Site skin). Further, there is not title displayed for the module after you click Read more. That just makes the module container look poor in my opinion. I struggled to get any useful help regarding this issue due to the above issue with support. Here are some other things that aren't bugs, but just things to be aware of: -Although you can assign items to categories, the category of a news item is not displayed anywhere. The user sees mention of a category only in the dropdown box used to filter news item by category. They basically use categories exclusively for backend administration. -Although the module content is searchable, when you click on the link from any list of search results, it takes you to the first page of news items, regardless of which page the item is actually on. The url is formatted correctly, but the module does not correctly grab the info from the querystring and use it to jump to the appropriate page. -When you're in the Manage News section and you click Edit on a news item, after you return from editing, you are sent to the first page of news items, regardless if the item you edited was on page 2 or 50. That's very annoying and it makes it difficult to edit your news item effectively. There are other similar issues that could be easily fixed but I will not mention anymore.

posted on 5/17/2013