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DNNBackup 5.2.3 - Complete Backup and Restore for DotNetNuke
ray p (7) says... 3 3.0

user icon I'm batting .500 (50%) using this module. I manage 2 websites. I've successfully restored one of those websites after some wacky page creation went astray - just like it was supposed to work. On my other website (which unfortunately for me has a little more visibilty when I used this module to restore it "completed with errors" and crushed the site. I had to have my host provider restore from the previous nights backup. I am having a sandbox created to evalaute what went wrong but now I am reluctant to trust this module .... unfortunately when you NEED to use a backup it kinda NEEDS to always work. So the lesson here is try it before you really NEED TO. I'll update this post pending the resolution of my sandbox efforts.

posted on 3/12/2011
evotiva replied...
user icon Please be sure to be running the latest version (5.3.8 was updated today; March 12,2011) for both the backup and restore operations. The 5.2.3 version is too old, given how fast the DNN core and 3rd party modules changes.
Event Calendar and Registration 6.0.1
ray p (7) says... 4 4.0

user icon Very nice solution! I'm using this to let club members sign up for lessons and to keep them informed about upcoming events. Does all of that brilliantly. Would love to see a little more flexibility in their report generation without having to pull the information down to an excel spreadsheet and edit.

posted on 3/12/2011
PackFlash Video 4.6
ray p (7) says... 5 5.0

user icon Does exactly what they say. I've compared this side by side with UVG and this solution is cleaner and streams the same video from my S3 Amazon account faster somehow. Very nice streamlined interface and their support is EXCELLENT. Initially the purchase on snowcovered did not automatically generate an account on their site for the serial number creation but they promptly addressed this and have been excellent at helping on the few technical questions that have arisen.

posted on 3/12/2011
3D Countdown, Stopwatch, Clock 1.4.0 for DNN 4-7 (Lifetime License!)
ray p (7) says... 5 5.0

user icon Excellent module! Does everything it claims. It is Flash based so the COOL countdown doesn't appear on Apple type products (iphone, itouch, ipad) but can in it's place automatically show some HTML of choice. All in all very pleased.

posted on 3/12/2011
Ultra Media Gallery 9.9.0 with free Slider Collection
ray p (7) says... 5 5.0

user icon I upgraded from UMG 6 to UMG 7 and it is clear they've spent quite a bit of time making the user interface much nicer. Also, from a support perspective Pengsten at UMG while many timezones away works diligently to make sure that all questions are resolved.

posted on 3/12/2011
Flexi Skins Suite // 100% W3C Compliant // FREE Bonus Modules // DNN 4.9 upto 5.x
ray p (7) says... 2 2.0

user icon My DNN website is 5.x and is using jquery 1.4.2. I have a another module which is using 1.4.2 also. That other module works so long as I do not put this DNN_Menu_Suite menu on the same page. I've submitted a ticket on the website but 24hrs later not gotten any response. The support for the module seems a bit lacking. There may be some generic fix for this situation but I don't know it yet. Probably not the first time folks have run into it but I would have expected a more timely response from them.

posted on 11/18/2010 replied...
user icon There is no issue in the skin check his site Skin comes with demo contents so you can easly use it same as we display in demo. So this is not a valid reason to put rating 2.
DNN Menu Suite
ray p (7) says... 2 2.0

user icon The menus are great and easy to use and change. But it is disappointing to not be able to properly use the menus on a touch device like an iPAD. Since there is no mouse over on the menu there is no way to get to the pull down menus :-( I guess I should be more clear - the menu that I selected (style 12) did not work. Changing to a different menu (style 1) works better. Perhaps better documentation :-)

posted on 11/2/2010 replied...
user icon Dear Sir, Thanks for likeing the menus as its specially designed and tested only on DNN webbased browers only and this module is not recommand for IPAD .