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DNNMasters Multi Portal User Sharing 2.0 (Hosting/SRC)
Arrow D (2) says... 5 5.0

user icon I couldn't ask for better integration... I fooled around and added the tab to my host menu and it worked perfectly. I also had a feature request and they did it the same day I asked and said that it was not a problem to do. DNNMasters support was also great - they answered the forum posts within an hour every time and they even emailed me directly to help. Thanks for the great product and great support!

posted on 9/24/2006
CATALooK.netStore  v.7.2.8 - eCommerce solution including basic installation
Arrow D (2) says... 5 5.0

user icon As a developer, I have a high level of expectation for modules that I buy. I bought a different DNN e-com module a couple of months ago and was unhappy. This time, I treed the store and found that there was a specific feature that I needed. I sent an email to Susanne - the company owner - and they worked out a VERY reasonable price for the customization. She gave me a deadline that fell on a Sunday - and they met it anyways. The work was professional, and so was the support. I was able to figure out the product in an afternoon. Think about that - fully functional E-Commerce with a ton of options in an afternoon. If you need e-com in your site, you need catalook. Ryan Morgan -

posted on 1/31/2006