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DNN GlobalStorage 4.8 - Easily tie-in cloud-based, external file systems
peter s (13) says... 5 5.0

user icon Amazing support. Great product.

posted on 4/6/2018
(10% SALE) Unlimited DNN Theme 036 (V5.7.0) / Responsive / Retina / 7 HomeLayouts / Bootstrap
peter s (13) says... 5 5.0

user icon Good quality skins, very flexible. Works well with Open Content (

posted on 5/2/2017
Amiri Unlimited Responsive Multi-Purpose DNN Theme (V2.1.0) / Drag & drop builder / 15 designs
peter s (13) says... 5 5.0

user icon Great flexible skin, well maintainted

posted on 10/10/2016
Facility Booking 2.1.4
peter s (13) says... 4 4.0

user icon nice module, unfortunately one cannot enter custom time slots and heading.

posted on 9/24/2013
Bright Skin (15 Colors) // Bootstrap Typography // Grid Responsive // Mobile HTML5 // DNN 5/6/7
peter s (13) says... 5 5.0

user icon Good support when a small issue is raised.

posted on 9/24/2013
Twitter Feed 2.1
peter s (13) says... 2 2.0

user icon Tweets get's truncated, no solution presented by developer.

posted on 9/24/2013
Snapsis CSS NavMenu 3.1 (Single use)
peter s (13) says... 5 5.0

user icon You can pretty much do everything with this menu control. Furthermore, John offers great support Peter

posted on 9/11/2007
Snapsis Software replied...
user icon Thanks Peter.
Feedback Designer 40.01.53 (New)
peter s (13) says... 2 2.0

user icon I really loved the plain and simple spascoe version, now the interface is to cluttered with images that do not really bring a benefit.

posted on 5/29/2007
Interactive Webs replied...
user icon Just to understand this feedback... you rate a product with hundreds of hours development time, functionality that is relatively advanced, and most importantly is very reliable and stable with a 2/5 rating because the new interface is a detraction in your mind? I hope you realise that as a $19.95 customer, you are messing with our livelihood when you make effectively a negative comment on an otherwise great module. This point may well be valid. However the online forum at our website where we actively seek feedback and development improvements may have been a better place to make your point. Not a sales portal that relies heavily on the kind comments of customers to generate sales and keep our team employed. If you had experienced any sort of functionality problem, reliability problem or frankly and problem at all with the module.... then fair enough but this is a little tough. We know that there are as may opinions as people on the net, and we are proud of the fact that we have had many great feedbacks about this module and the new interface. We will take your comments onboard and continue to work on improvements that are constructive in nature. I’m guessing you are not a developer yourself?
DNNMasters User Directory Manager w/Ajax Enterprise lic. w/SRC
peter s (13) says... 2 2.0

user icon The module does what it promises to do but... it is just not finished. The Grid view using a component art control that looses its formatting on each refresh, item text is getting cut off with an ellipse although there is plenty of space to show the complete text. The directory view isn't formatted well either moreover doesn't allow for sorting of the members, which makes it not usable if you have more then 10 / 20 members. It could be a nice module but in tis current state I won't use it for my clients.

posted on 1/23/2007
DNNMasters replied...
user icon The module was improved and the issues pointed in the review fixed. Both Directory View and Detail View are displayed with HTML templates. Sorting options were also added. Current version can be seen and tested on
Complete Feedback Designer 1.3.6
peter s (13) says... 5 5.0

user icon A nifty little feedback form designer. It is clean, nice and simple for a hard to beat price.

posted on 8/11/2006
Clean style 01 by (New)
peter s (13) says... 2 2.0

user icon Disappointing, looks better on paper...

posted on 6/22/2006
NukeFeeds 1.3 (PA & Source)
peter s (13) says... 5 5.0

user icon Great news feed module, intuitive, complete. One can really build his own news page by integrating feeds from many sources using keyword searches. Peter Schotman

posted on 6/22/2006
Apollo PageLocalization 2.0 (PA)
peter s (13) says... 5 5.0

user icon This is a great product. I especially like the possibility to turn pages on and off for different languages. Together with his other components truly multi-language websites can be build! Peter Schotman

posted on 6/22/2006