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NavXP 5 - Customizable Menus and Advanced Navigation
Pontus Ö (2) says... 5 5.0

user icon This is a really versatile module for making your custom menus. I was looking for a vertical side menu that was customizable so that I would be able to choose exactly which menu items to include. NavXp solved this and much more, like a breadcrumb menu that was missing in the skin I was using. Support has been quick and very helpful. I am looking forward to use more of the many included menus in future products. Highly recommended!

posted on 7/10/2012
Markit XMenu Module & Skin Object v1.4.4 (CSS Based, SEO Friendly, W3C, XHTML)
Pontus Ö (2) says... 5 5.0

user icon We are very happy with Markit XMenu. It's fast and cool and very affordable. We have been able to customize it to suit our clients skin without too much trouble (example at and we are designers - not programmers! When we did run into trouble the guys at MarkitModules responded quickly and gave us exact instructions how to modify the skin to work with XMenu - although the fault was in the 3rd Party skin that we bought from another vendor. That's really making an extra effort to keep the customer happy. Kudos to the Support Team! Keep up the good work - Pontus Osterlin

posted on 7/6/2010
Markit replied...
user icon Thank you Pontus for the comment.