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Ultra Media Gallery 9.9.0 with free Slider Collection
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user icon This review is a bit unusual. I am currently uninstalling this module since after purchasing, installing and configuring it, I realized it does not fit my needs. Although I have decided against using the product, I do give the highest mark to UMG for two reasons, one the person supporting it is incredibly helpful and insightful! Second, he started the refund process with no arguments, debates or hardships. His helpful replies to my questions were quick and helpful and once he realized I was being honest with my needs we came to an amicable conclusion. What are my needs which UMG does not fit the bill? 1-unable to keep pictures under leaf nodes/album, UMG needs to keep ALL pictures in child nodes only 2-Flash interface only for the most part, there is an html component but only for "top pics", this has ramifications if you have a large volume of pictures to manage, work around exists (ex multiple albums) but again hard to manage with a large number of pictures 3-Flash at this

posted on 8/22/2008