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DNN Feed Burner version 01.00.12
alan g (2) says... 3 3.0

user icon It does what it says it does - can't complain though wish for deeper and more flexible functionality Coding Staff did a good job and recommend this as a look-see ...

posted on 10/21/2012
Coding Staff replied...
user icon Hello. Thank you for your feedback. We do our best to develop and create a really good products.
DNNBackup 8.8 - Backup, Restore and Clone DNN and Evoq Installations
alan g (2) says... 5 5.0

user icon I stressed my DNN 5.x installation a bit too much and somehow we lost all of the sub-tabs of a client's portal. I wrote to Evotiva explaining what happened and asked several technical questions which they answered the next later that evening (was up all night re-creating pages). With the barn door open, I installed the mod - EXTREMELY easy - and did several test runs in my DEV install and once satisfied, loaded it to the site. First thing did was to run the backup. The Perpetual license can a few hours after that and now I am "covered" and can close the barn door. I would suggest this solution to anyone who is responsible for client data or is developing in the DNN environment. Well worth the cost for a single license.

posted on 10/21/2012