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Search Boost 5 - A Turnkey DNN Search Solution
Michael P (1) says... 5 5.0

user icon Firstly, I would like to mention that integration of this module into your site is a snap. I believe full setup with a skin object and a module object took about 20 minutes (including adding settings). The tool itself is a suite that allows you to customize all interactions and do testing. It's intuitive, easy to work with, and provides results that make sense for all searches. Next, I would like to highlight the best part. The responsiveness of the developers. In my experience, they have not only answered my questions, but also, have made an effort to ensure that I have the latest code, the proper settings, and have responded within 30-45 minutes of each of my requests. This has been excellent for resolving issues and updating feature sets. Third, this product does NOT currently contain a "true" spider. The included spider does NOT see pages as they appear to a user. It uses ISearchable to index content and therefore will not search modules that do not support that feature. O

posted on 10/25/2011