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Dynamic Registration 7.3
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user icon Support, Support, Support...Great Support. This module worked as advertised. I was able to integrate the module seamlessly into my DNN site. One nice feature that I utilized was the ability to Import and Export the module from my development environment to production...the process was smooth and intuitive. Other nice features include both Question and Completion Events which offer a wide array of options, both while filling out the registration form and after it's been submitted. Support. I can not say enough about the support of this product. If I couldn't find an answer to a question I had on their forums pages I would submit a help ticket via snowcovered's website. I consistently received responses to my questions very promptly, and they would correspond back and forth with me until my question was answered completely. This module is great for registration forms and also for a form being used to collect additional data from the user after they register on the site (a ps

posted on 5/19/2008