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The Siteimprove CMS plugin bridges the gap between the DNN content management system (CMS), Evoq™ Content and the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform. Now you can scan your website for errors as soon as a page is published, allowing you to fix mistakes, optimize content, and manage your site more efficiently. The CMS Plugin allows you to put your Siteimprove Analytics data to use right away by building your insights directly into your content creation and editing processes. We make it easier than ever for your team’s content managers and editors to apply analytics data to their decisions, ensuring that your content is guiding your users in the right direction.

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Are you looking for modules or themes to extend your DNN site?  A great place to start is often the top seller list, as these products have been used and tested by many.  With the first quarter of 2015 wrapping up last week, now is a good time …

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In November 2014, we announced the launch of our Evoq Preferred Products Program .  As Evoq Preferred Products have been tested to ensure a basic level of quality and compatibility with DNN, the program was created to allow Store vendors a way to …

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Chances are, if you’ve recently been involved in building a website for a business, you’ve heard about content marketing (whether you know it or not).  According to the  Content Marketing Institute , “Content marketing is a strategic marketing …

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​Improving Product Reviews on the DNN Store

Few people would argue with the  importance of customer reviews ; not only does creating an online review of a product aid future customers, it can help the product’s developer target things that need improvement, and can ultimately benefit the …

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