New-School Knowledge Transfer
New-School Knowledge Transfer
  • 1/5/2015

Here we are, starting off a new year with limitless information at our fingertips. With technology evolving faster than we could have ever imagined a few decades ago, things that used to take hours now take mere minutes. For example, encyclopedia …

<p>One of the best things I love about the DNN platform is the ease of building, releasing, and updating Extensions for your website. If you need custom functionality you can either build something yourself, or likely find something that someone else has developed previously that might fit your needs. </p><p>If you are an extension developer for DNN (previously DotNetNuke), you have many options for how you can get those modules into the hands of potential customers. If you want to get your modules into the hands of as many different users as possible, you can’t just stick to one distribution mechanism, you need to reach out and try to get your extension available in as many places as possible.</p>

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