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GuestBook by VDWWD (updated 6/1/2017)
Price: $0.00
A simple guestbook that uses HTML templates for displaying messages and with lots of options. Moderation of messages, email notification to moderator, paging, basic Captcha and "star" ratings are just some of the many available options. read more
5 (1 reviews)
TableDisplay by VDWWD (updated 9/11/2017)
Price: $0.00
This module can display all the records from a predefined database table or external query on your website. You can select which columns to display and set the default sort order. Options like sorting, paging etc. are available. read more
FeedReader by VDWWD (updated 9/8/2017)
Price: $0.00
Display an RSS or Atom feed on your website. The feed can be fully customized by the use of templates. read more
3 (1 reviews)
FlashMoviePlayer by VDWWD (updated 9/8/2017)
Price: $0.00
This module will display an Adobe Flash movie (.swf) on your website. Simply select the file from the module settings and you're ready to go. DNN tokens like email and display name are available as Flash variables. read more
OpenGraph by VDWWD (updated 9/15/2017)
Price: $0.00
With this module you can add the Open Graph protocol meta tags to your DNN website. This is primarily used for Facebook but can be used for other purposes also. read more
5 (1 reviews)
PowerLinks by VDWWD (updated 3/3/2017)
Price: $5.00
The PowerLinks module allows you to create a links table in a custom amount of columns and assign roles and an image to the link. Various sorting options are available and the option to turn off the display images or hyperlinks. The module can also display folder contents as links. read more
EasyLogin Module
EasyLogin Module by VDWWD (updated 9/8/2017)
Price: $5.00
This module allows users to log in through external database validation. If a user is not known, an account will be created. Optionally synchronize the Security Roles for the user. (MS SQL and MySQL). read more
UserRepository by VDWWD (updated 5/1/2017)
Price: $5.00
Allow registered users who are logged in to upload files in their personal repository. The files are kept outside of the DNN Portal file system, so Portal Admins cannot access those files. For security reasons the module will only allow file types that are configured within the Host settings. read more
PassChanger by VDWWD (updated 9/8/2017)
Price: $0.00
This module will allow users who are logged in to easily change their password. This module will eliminate all the unnecessary steps a user has to go through before they can change their password on their profile page. read more
DataExporter by VDWWD (updated 9/8/2017)
Price: $0.00
A simple module for exporting all the records from a predefined table or custom query to Excel, CSV or XML. The module can also connect to an external database (MS SQL and MySQL). read more

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4.33333333333333 4.33 (3 reviews)
(5) says... 5 5.0

user icon Excellent module - super easy to use - great support.

posted on 8/11/2017
Kevin W (1) says... 5 5.0

user icon Great module that is easy to moderate and modify and even better is the support from the developer in integrating this in our project. 1

posted on 2/25/2016
(2) says... 3 3.0

user icon I have not found a newsfeed that I like so I cannot offer a better review. It was easy to install, it works and it was free.

posted on 1/30/2016