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Recycle Bin BlueBox
Recycle Bin BlueBox by ProbityCode (updated 2/7/2015)
Price: $0.00
ProbityCode BlueBox is an enhanced replacement for the standard Recycle Bin. In addition to standard RecycleBin functionality: Column Filters, Sorting, Restore and Auto Preview, Preview HTML Module, Search HTML, Auto Restore Parent Pages, Auto Restore Child Modules, Auto Delete Child Pages, etc... read more
4 (1 reviews)
Document Hyper View
Document Hyper View by ProbityCode (updated 2/7/2015)
Price: $0.00
Display only desired directory files containing specific keywords in their names using simple filters, files extensions, or Regular Expressions. read more
5 (2 reviews)

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4.66666666666667 4.67 (3 reviews)
Recycle Bin BlueBox
Rob F (65) says... 4 4.0

user icon FINALLY there's a better solution to the stock DNN recycle bin. Unfortunately, they took away the one function that the newest core module does have, which is showing the date that a module was deleted. It has everything else you could ever want in a recycle function, and is a welcome addition to all of our new sites. And you certainly can't beat the price!!

posted on 6/29/2016
Document Hyper View
walter de g (31) says... 5 5.0

user icon very good

posted on 10/28/2013
Document Hyper View
Keith W (2) says... 5 5.0

user icon Great and simple solution. Masks the physical location of lists of linked documents on my site. Through encryption of the document links, my users can't see the actual location of the documents available for download. Easy to setup and and use!

posted on 10/22/2012