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Mitsol Video Gallery
Mitsol Video Gallery by Mitsol (updated 9/16/2013)
Price: $74.00
Mitsol Video Gallery is easy to use,powerful dnn video gallery module.It supports 3 video fromats - mp4,flv,webm.MVG is html5 based with fallback capability for older browsers. read more
Comments,Discussions,Feedback,Contact Module
Price: $32.00
dnn comments module by mitsol is a powerful,easy to use module to use for dnn more.. read more
Message Encryption
Message Encryption by Mitsol (updated 9/16/2013)
Price: $21.00
sending sensitive messages(password,secret messages,others) over the internet(email and other ways) is not secured.It's also not secured sending messages other ways besides if you need to send sensitive data you should encrypt first. by this Message and email encryption module you can s read more

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