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DNNIT FAQ by DNNIT (updated 11/10/2014)
Price: $39.99
This module organizes your FAQs with categories, and the categories style can be different types. read more
Role Members
Role Members by DNNIT (updated 11/10/2014)
Price: $9.99
This module provides a way to adding or removing users from roles for non-admin users. read more
File System Explorer 2.0
File System Explorer 2.0 by DNNIT (updated 3/29/2015)
Price: $58.99
This module is a new version of File System Explorer 1.0, come with some new features to make it more faster and easy to use. read more
DNNIT Google Map 3.0
DNNIT Google Map 3.0 by DNNIT (updated 6/11/2016)
Price: $19.00
This module provides the ability to let you embed Google Map into your DotNetNuke site. And this time totally rewritten with the latest Google Map API 3.0, which providing more functionalities and faster than previous version. read more
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DNNIT Google Map 3.0
Milton A (25) says... 1 1.0

user icon basic mapping is okay. you must enter map points one by one, manually via the interface, so can be tedious if many, but *** map simply fails to draw if width is set to more than 700 or height gt 600, or some combination thereof ...just don't have time to care. pick a different product and move on.

posted on 8/19/2015