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3.75 3.75 (4 reviews)
Porto 3
(1) says... 4 4.0

user icon Excellent, although there are some WCAG 2.0 violations

posted on 1/24/2018 replied...
user icon Thanks. Porto 4 is compatible with WCAG 2.0 Level AA
Porto 3
(3) says... 4 4.0

user icon This appears to be a port/copy of the Porto Bootstrap skin available for many other platforms. It looks fine and generally works well. Basic documentation and examples are pretty good, but if you want to go in deeper you'll probably end up spending time going through the more detailed documentation for some of the other implementations, as well as Bootstrap documentation

posted on 11/20/2017
Porto 3
(1) says... 3 3.0

user icon very flexible

posted on 9/1/2017
Porto 3
(2) says... 4 4.0

user icon The theme works well and additional modules I bought are great. However, I find the demo website slighly misleading as it shows features which are not so easy and straightforward to achieve.

posted on 5/2/2017