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i9d TubeTools V2 2.0.4's Reviews

5 5 (2 reviews)
i9d TubeTools V2 2.0.4
Ibrahim B (2) Visit Reviewers Website says... 5 5.0

user icon I have used this tool for sometime and i must say that it works very well and saves a lot of time when adding youtube videos on your website. If you own Ultra Video allery then i9d Tubetools is a must have module. The developer has done a great job on this one.

posted on 6/25/2010
i9d TubeTools V2 2.0.4
Dwight B (167) says... 5 5.0

user icon Very Nice Re-written module that streamlines embedding video into UVG. I use this module to create effective categories FAST, and then display the Ultra Video Gallery (UVG) category on a related page that host related information. Very nice - A recommended list of tools to have, especially if you are using Ultra Video Gallery.

posted on 6/20/2010
9d Interactive replied...
user icon Thanks Dwight!