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DNNSmart Google Custom Search 1.0.2 - google search, site search, search
Price: $39.99
This module is implemented through google search api. You can put this module into your site, then users can search contents which are indexed by google directly. This is a simple, but practical and powerful module. read more
Search Boost 2.9 - Document Search, Contextual Search, Web Spider, Templates and more
Price: $129.95
Search Boost is the complete search engine solution for DNN. It allows searching documents, custom data from database and target subsets of the portals. It also features XSL template mechanism for input box and search results and tons of other... read more
4.97222222222222 (36 reviews)
DNN Search Engine - psSiteSearch 2.0.29
Price: $95.00
psSiteSearch is a search engine module for your DNN website, Office and PDF documents. It is a direct replacement for the built-in search engine and gives real results. It is based on and includes a web spider which is used to crawl and... read more
4.71428571428571 (7 reviews)
Google Custom Search 4.5
Google Custom Search 4.5 by tanld (updated 3/6/2014)
Price: $15.00
This module allows you to add Google Custom Search to your DNN site with very nice search box. The search results are displayed RIGHT INSIDE your DNN page! read more
5 (2 reviews)
DNN Advanced Search Add-on For Action Form 1.0
Price: $49.95
DNN Advanced Search Add-on allows you to tailor your DNN portal' search results to help users find the most relevant content by means of advanced filtering created through custom forms. read more
Free Smart Search Anything
Free Smart Search Anything by OnyakTech (updated 11/6/2013)
Price: $0.00
The Smart Search Module displays information with links relative to what people are looking for as they type. Smart Search can be used as a stand alone search module or connected to other modules on the same page on your DotNetNuke web site. read more
DNNArticle Filter Search 3.0
Price: $39.99
This product is a sub module of DNNArticle. It allows you to build Filter Search web site based on DNNArticle. read more
jQuery Search (01.00.03)
Price: $9.99
jQuery Search for DotNetNuke (5.6+) is a Dnn module that allow users to make external search on Google or interna search, with a pretty css customization. read more
DNNArticle Category Search 6.2
Price: $29.99
This module is a sub module of DNNArticle. It allows users to search articles by categories. It can generate user interface of search by template. read more
BizMap Yelp Search
BizMap Yelp Search by ZLDNN.COM (updated 6/27/2013)
Price: $49.99
The Biz Map Yelp Search integrates Google map API V3 and Yelp API into DotNetNuke to provide Yelp search for DotNetNuke web site. It allows users to search businesses around defined or passed in location. read more
Custom Control For XMod Pro - Enhanced ListBox with Search/Filter
Price: $125.00
This Custom Control for XMod Pro Forms gives you the ability to have an enhanced ListBox with a dynamic filter/search for select lists with many items/options! read more
5 (1 reviews)
DNNArticle Advanced Search 7.2 (Optional module of DNNArticle)
Price: $9.99
The DNNArticle Advanced Search is one of optional module of DNNArticle read more
Sitemap - Create a search engine friendly list (Version 2.5.2)
Price: $0.00
The Sitemap module from DNNspot will automatically render pages from your site into search engine friendly lists. The Sitemap module allows you to hide certain pages as well. read more
2 (2 reviews)
LuceneSearch 1.8.1 - Find it even faster
Price: $70.00
Now integrates and extends DNN 7.1 Search. Augmented autocomplete engine including results templating, grouping and sorting. Included within the release : providers for the most popular modules. NewsArticles, DMX, DNNArticles, PackFlash Video, UMG,... read more
DNNSmart Job 3.5.0 - Job, Job Listing, Employ, Payment, Candidates
Price: $79.99
DNNSmart Job is a module which can be used to publish jobs. And candidates can sumit resume to apply this job. By using template, it can help you get a pretty layout. read more
5 (1 reviews)
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