Support your customers more efficiently; identify prospects more easily. These DNN modules make it simple to add a help desk or CRM to your DNN website.

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The Help Desk Module 6.1
Price: $99.00
The Help Desk Module is a professional and powerful module to allow end users to create support requests, and your staff to manage them. read more
3.5 (2 reviews)
SigmaPro Help Desk & Projects 9.0
Price: $49.95
Help Desk, Projects, Service Centers, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). While it's easy to use to simplify your project management and support desks, it is also robust enough to handle anything you need. read more
4.5 (2 reviews)
SigmaPro Help Desk & Projects 8.2
Price: $49.95
SigmaPro 8.2 is a DotNetNuke module for Projects, Service Centers, Help Desks and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). While it's easy to use to simplify your project management and support desks, it is also robust enough to handle anything you... read more
OnyakTech Complete All Modules, Skins and Mobile Apps
Price: $199.95
Complete Package of ALL OnyakTech software and all new products released for 1 Year. Includes secured access to Members Area on with members forum, resources and more. read more
4.29411764705882 (17 reviews)
Data Viewer PRO Lists 7.1 Excel and SQL Editing, Grouping, Filter, Export, Backup and Maps
Price: $99.95
Full featured with skins, data import, Spreadsheet Editor, SQL Editor, Data Export, Tokens, Custom Parameters, Custom Forms Integration, Dynamic Parameter Prompts, Group Expressions, Filtering, Sorting, Google Maps, Backup and more! read more
4.6 (5 reviews)
PostIT Blog, News and Articles Simple and Powerful DNN Module by WebSitesCreative
Price: $39.00
PostIT is the new simple and powerful Blog, News and Articles DNN module by WebSitesCreative that allows you to create posts, categorize them, create posts feed and pretty urls for your posts, leave comments and much more... read more
4.2 (5 reviews)
Action Form 3.5 - The Easiest and Most Flexible Form Builder for DNN
Price: $99.95
Struggling to Create Custom DNN Forms? Action Form is the most powerful yet easy to use custom form builder available for DNN. It's Responsive too! read more
4.93939393939394 (33 reviews)
Evoq Preferred Product
Data Modules 2.0 with App-Builder, Forms, Charts and Data Viewer PRO
Price: $129.95
DNN Module Collection with AppBuilder! No technical skills required! Drop AppBuilder on a page, select your data source or create your own, select your options and AppBuilder will create your solution by creating pages, adding modules and configuring... read more
Actravia Event Booking 4.1 - Super Customizable Module for Online Booking and Events
Price: $299.00
Build an on-line registration management solution for you or your client's website. Actravia is powerful out of the box and can be customized extensively using our template technology. Evaluation download available from the DNN Store or from... read more
4 (4 reviews)
Versatile Slider and Scroller for XMod Pro
Price: $0.00
Free XMod Pro Kit. Use this to show featured articles, pages, detail items, newest text/entries, slideshow, and more. The slider allows for horizontal, vertical scrolling, auto start/slideshow, and full style and control through JS settings and CSS... read more
Star Ratings and Social Sharing for XMod Pro 4
Price: $0.00
Free XMod Pro Module Kit. Contains a ready to use page rating and social share solution. This module uses jQuery and XMod Pro forms to save standard counter/ranking data and connects with other services such as ShareThis forms. read more
User Comments Form and System for XMod Pro 4
Price: $0.00
Free XMod Pro Module Kit. Contains templates and forms which can be added to any type of page/tab allowing for comments on the specific page, article, product detail, etc. Is a perfect addition to other article modules, catalog modules, etc. that may... read more
5 (1 reviews)
Exports and Feeds for XMod Pro
Price: $0.00
Need to supply an RSS feed or an Excel export to your users? Now you can create customized data feeds within XMod Pro. Learn to leverage XMod Pro's powerful Feeds feature with these starter feeds for Excel exports, CSV, RSS feeds, XML, Microsoft Word... read more
5 (3 reviews)
Flex Events 1.2.4 :: Events Management and Publishing Solution
Price: $119.95
Flex Events is our latest events management and publishing solution for DotNetNuke, it allows you to easily create one-time or recurring events and present your events in many kinds of views. read more
5 (1 reviews)
My Tokens 2.5 - Custom DNN Tokens (with Razor and Spark Support)
Price: $129.95
Everybody needs tokens. My Tokens allows including dynamic content such as from database or HTTP Requests (could be Web Services) in common modules such as the HTML module. Razor and Spark templates supported! read more
5 (25 reviews)
Evoq Preferred Product
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