Put the fun back in functional by adding forms modules to your DNN site. Forms modules provide surveys, feedback, registration and more in a snap. These modules take care of functions with ease.

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Power Forms V4.5 // 14+ input control / form collection / custom form / dynamical form
Price: $59.99
PowerForms is a multi-effect submission form module. It is able to use ordinary, grouped, collapsable effect etc, and easy to switch between these effects.custom forms , form collection,dynamical form read more
4.90909090909091 (11 reviews)
DNNSmart Super Form 2.3.1 - Multi Steps, Custom Template&Field, Payment Form, Responsive Form, Azure
Price: $79.99
DNNSmart Super Form is a powerful and flexible form module. It can allow to add several steps in the backend and configure how many fields in each step and field type. By using this module, you can custom template of each step and e-mail template. It... read more
4.75 (4 reviews)
Omnia Custom Forms 6.2
Omnia Custom Forms 6.2 by OnyakTech (updated 3/4/2015)
Price: $199.95
Easy to use custom forms for DNN that gives you complete control over how your forms look. Full featured with plugins, versioning, simple to use database integration and a full featured online store making it easy to accept payments. read more
4 (2 reviews)
Action Form 3.6 - The Easiest and Most Flexible Form Builder for DNN
Price: $199.95
Struggling to Create Custom DNN Forms? Action Form is the most powerful yet easy to use custom form builder available for DNN. It's responsive too! read more
4.93939393939394 (33 reviews)
Evoq Preferred Product
Dynamic Forms 5.0
Dynamic Forms 5.0 by Data Springs, Inc. (updated 9/19/2014)
Price: $195.00
Power and simplicity -- all in a single module! Dynamic Forms has all the advanced features you need plus form building is still simple! read more
4.63157894736842 (76 reviews)
Data Modules 2.0 with App-Builder, Forms, Charts and Data Viewer PRO
Price: $89.95
DNN Module Collection with AppBuilder! No technical skills required! Drop AppBuilder on a page, select your data source or create your own, select your options and AppBuilder will create your solution by creating pages, adding modules and configuring... read more
XMod Pro 4.6 - Forms and Views for Databases
Price: $149.95
Build high performance, completely customizable data-entry forms and views driven by your DNN and external databases. New built-in tools make it a snap to quickly create forms, data views, feeds, JSON, excel exports, and even database tables. Plus,... read more
4.88888888888889 (36 reviews)
Evoq Preferred Product
SSF Forms 9.1
SSF Forms 9.1 by Rhema Concepts (updated 6/4/2014)
Price: $47.95
SSF Forms features now make it possible to create custom applications for your web site. The Professional Edition has many powerful SQL and Form Event features that make creating customized applications and solutions achievable without needing to pay... read more
5 (11 reviews)
Feedback Designer - Feedback Forms wih Popup Mode
Price: $29.95
DNN Feedback Form Module made easy for DNN. Featuring popup effect for forms, database capture, direct to department based on selections. Used for years by thousands of DNN users. read more
4.5 (10 reviews)
SimpleSignIn 1.3.1 - Your forms made simple
Price: $50.00
Build your own form by assembling the standard ASP.NET Form controls perfectly integrated to DotNetNuke. Make each subscriber a user on your portal, add specific roles, send customized emails, get valuable feedback... Now available on DNN 7. read more
H2O 5.2 Forms
H2O 5.2 Forms by OnyakTech (updated 9/24/2013)
Price: $49.95
All New Power Forms Building Tool for DotNetNuke with Charts! Drag and Drop Forms Designer, Ajax, Table Creation, Automatic Form Generation, Work Flow and more. read more
4.5 (2 reviews)
Smart Forms (Support DNN 7.0)
Smart Forms (Support DNN 7.0) by bo ma (updated 10/24/2013)
Price: $29.90
Smart Forms helps you create submission forms and online surveys to collect the information in one minute. Latest version support Create User/Registration function as Well! read more
4.14285714285714 (7 reviews)
DigForm 2.2 - Forms, Surveys, ML
Price: $59.95
Advanced and Easy to use DotNetNuke Forms Module. Mult Language, Statistics for Surveys. DNN 4.5.5+, 5.x, 6.x and 7! Use for: Employment Application, Surveys, Order Forms, Event Registration Forms, Mailing List Signup, Contact Forms, Customer... read more
Feedback Form with CAPTCHA for XMod Pro
Price: $0.00
Free XMod Pro Kit. Contact Us, Feedback, and Website Comments forms is required in almost all DNN sites. This simple form allows users to submit feedback comments & suggestions with all other items as not required. Users can expand the optional... read more
5 (3 reviews)
Contact Us Form for XMod Pro
Price: $0.00
Free XMod Pro Kit. Go beyond the built-in form validation and messaging and get advanced jQuery styles and validation. This demo shows validation on TextBox, DropdownList, TextArea, etc. TextArea character countdown and max limit, Fieldset and Legend... read more
5 (2 reviews)
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