Extend your DNN site by adding document management functionality. Modules provide opportunities for organizing, sharing, tracking documents - and much more.

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Document Exchange 6.1
Document Exchange 6.1 by Bring2mind (updated 3/13/2014)
Price: $249.00
Edit documents directly on your server. The premier document management solution for DotNetNuke (DNN). Index contents of documents. Share documents across your portal and avoid duplicates. Revised and flexible UI. Extensible architecture. read more
4.85 (20 reviews)
GroupDocs Viewer for .NET | HTML5 Document Viewer
Price: $0.00
Display documents on your DNN-powered website with the .NET version of GroupDocs' HTML5 document viewer. read more
GroupDocs Annotation for .NET | HTML5 Document Annotation
Price: $0.00
Stand-alone, HTML5 document annotation module for DNN. With this module you can provide users with an online image, Microsoft Office and PDF document annotation interface available from your DNN CMS. read more
QuickDocs v7.1.2 - Easy Folder, Document, & File Management
Price: $34.99
Light-weight and easy document management. Share documents with users on your portal. Recycle Bin, themes, and host settings allowable file types. read more
5 (1 reviews)
Document Exchange Lite
Document Exchange Lite by Bring2mind (updated 9/24/2013)
Price: $99.00
Upload and manage documents in a secure fashion. This module maintains document versions, logs user actions, sends notifications, and allows searching of document metadata. read more
4.83333333333333 (6 reviews)
GroupDocs Online Document Assembly Plugin
Price: $0.00
The GroupDocs Assembly DotNetNuke module lets you collect data to automatically create new documents online by embedding GroupDocs Assembly questionnaires. read more
Prizm Cloud Document Viewer
Prizm Cloud Document Viewer by Accusoft (updated 1/15/2014)
Price: $0.00
Prizm Cloud is a document viewer that displays over 300 different kinds of files on your website, without any additional software. read more
4 (2 reviews)
GroupDocs Document Comparison Plugin
Price: $0.00
Embedded into your Kentico website, this plugin will allow your website visitors to compare two documents directly in a web browser. read more
Search Boost 2.9 - Document Search, Contextual Search, Web Spider, Templates and more
Price: $129.95
Search Boost is the complete search engine solution for DNN. It allows searching documents, custom data from database and target subsets of the portals. It also features XSL template mechanism for input box and search results and tons of other... read more
4.97222222222222 (36 reviews)
Windows Document Explorer v2
Price: $35.00
Document Explorer for DNN allows your users to navigate documents and folders in a easy-to-use interface like Windows Explorer. read more
3 (1 reviews)
Document Hyper View
Document Hyper View by ProbityCode (updated 3/13/2013)
Price: $39.95
Display only desired directory files containing specific keywords in their names using simple filters, files extensions, or Regular Expressions. read more
5 (2 reviews)
Classified Pro 7.2 - Store & Catalog & Video Audio Photo Document
Price: $99.99
13 sub modules include which let you create online store and sell everything like real goods/software/portal roles/services. 5 payments gateway integrated. Multiple user support and template based. Convert video to .flv/h264 format. Amazon S3... read more
Cross Article 6.9 - News & Blog & Video Audio Photo Document
Price: $69.99
12 sub modules included to enable multiple users publish article/blog with video/image and documents. Convert videos to .flv or h264 format.Template based and customized fields support.Amazon s3 and Active social module integrated.Google news sitemap... read more
QuickDocs Pro - Secure Document Management w/ Versioning and Social Friendly 7.1.2
Price: $99.99
QuickDocs Pro file sharing is simple and straight-forward! Users can create folders, upload files, or add hyperlinks. Items are secured individually using DNN permissions enabling users to have complete control over who can access content. Works... read more
Netlogic Compact Document Download - v1.3.0
Price: $0.00
Netlogic Compact Document Download offers you the ability to add documents for download in an orderly and space saving manner. Ever wanted to add a list of documents or files to our site that would be able to hold many documents and also be able to... read more
4 (1 reviews)
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