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QuickDocs Pro - Secure Document Management w/ Versioning and Social Friendly 7.1.2
Price: $99.99
QuickDocs Pro file sharing is simple and straight-forward! Users can create folders, upload files, or add hyperlinks. Items are secured individually using DNN permissions enabling users to have complete control over who can access content. Works... read more
Http Spam Shield
Http Spam Shield by UtopiaSoft (updated 8/20/2014)
Price: $14.00
This is a Host Module that uses the IP Blacklist maintained by Project Honeypot to protect your website against harvestors, bots, comment spammers... read more
3 (2 reviews)
Task Management
Task Management by Brainvire (updated 9/2/2014)
Price: $29.00
Task Management is a tool for managing Projects, Tasks and Subtasks. Users can search for Projects and tasks and update their progress. Tasks can be assigned to users. Automated notification e-mails are sent to users through SMTP configuration... read more
Live Accordion v3.5.6
Live Accordion v3.5.6 by Mandeeps.com (updated 4/30/2014)
Price: $59.99
Live Accordion is content management solution for DotNetNuke. You can show text/html, modules or combination of them within a pane. Support for Multilingual Content, Google Analytics Integration, Search Engine Optimized (SEO), Theming, Effects,... read more
Ajax Slider 4.6
Ajax Slider 4.6 by ZLDNN.COM (updated 4/29/2014)
Price: $39.99
The Ajax Slider is a powerful DotNetNuke module that allows you to show content in Slider way. It uses Javascript and CSS to implement the slide show and need not other plugins. It supports multi type of content such as images, FLV videos, Flash,... read more
Single File FTP Manager
Price: $4.95
Give users control of one or more files on your website or remote web location. Easily enable them to update a shared file (e.g. Image, Excel, Word, PDF doc), without needing to give them full access to the site file structure. This is an FTP module... read more
4.5 (2 reviews)
Data Springs User Management Suite 4.0
Price: $399.00
The Data Springs User Management Suite is a comprehensive package that offers all the tools you need to enhance user & profile management. Everything from registration, user import, logins, directories and renewals are included! read more
5 (2 reviews)
IT IS web 2013 for AX
IT IS web 2013 for AX by IT IS AG (updated 1/28/2014)
Price: $5,278.00
IT IS web 2013 for AX: portal & store solution 4 online business 4 Microsoft Dynamics AX. Customers can generate purchases in the webstore, and are immediately available & processed by your business rules. All necessary data are available, you can... read more
DNNArticle 10.5
DNNArticle 10.5 by ZLDNN.COM (updated 9/10/2014)
Price: $59.99
DNN Article is a powerful module to enable post and manage news, articles, events or other type of content. read more
5 (42 reviews)
 2sxc 6.3 responsive amazing content
Price: $0.00
2sxc is an content-management and design extension to create attractive, designed content. It lets web designer create designed templates for users to fill, creating amazing output. read more
5 (2 reviews)
VisualEffects - Make your content look good
Price: $50.00
Give cool JQuery effects to your texts, images and contents. Carousels, slideshows, tabs, sliders and accordions developed according to DNN and W3C standards. Html-friendly, great css themes. From DNN4.8.1+ to DNN 7. read more
Text/HTML Receiver and Share Content Across Portals
Price: $29.00
Adaptive Design may require a dedicated mobile site so to avoid having to repeat text/html module content twice or more - please use this module. Create your main site once and share its text/html content across child portals when or the dedicated... read more
ML Content Editor 3.4.0 with SEO and Version History
Price: $18.95
ML HTML Module along with content version and SEO Titles,description and tags. XHTML Friendly Design. Supports DNN Export/Import and Search. read more
4.85714285714286 (7 reviews)
Dynamic Rotator 1.3 (simple content presenter)
Price: $69.95
Dynamic Rotator .NET is a powerful tool which will help you create exactly the look and feel you've been searching for your website! You can use it in many different ways: a classic animated banner, products gallery, photo slideshow, complex ads... read more
5 (1 reviews)
Live Content v4.4.0
Live Content v4.4.0 by Mandeeps.com (updated 8/1/2014)
Price: $89.95
One module that does it all. Pictures, Videos, DNN Modules, Audio, Content, Flash, and External Content. It supports Multilingual Content, AJAX Uploads, Automatic Video Encoding, Automatic Thumbnails, Dynamic Image Resizing, Themes, Templates, and... read more
4.86585365853659 (82 reviews)
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