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VideoSalesPro v1

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VideoSales Pro v1 is a premium DNN Website Template. More than just a skin, VideoSales Pro v1 creates stunning mobile responsive WEB 3.0 multi-page sites (with video) that look like a million dollars! Build them in less than 10 minutes with this DotNetNuke skin! Theme 33161
  • $47.00 STANDARD LICENSE You may use this Website Template on a single website (installation) only, belonging to either you or your client. You need to purchase the same Website Template again if you wish to use it on another website (installation).
  • $67.00 ENTERPRISE LICENSE You may use this Website Template on an unlimited number of websites (installations), belonging to either you or your client.


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 This Video Sales Page Will Skyrocket Your Profits from Your Product or Service… Starting Now

VideoSalesPro v1 is the Ultimate Sales Landing Page to Maximize Your  Income Online

VideoSalesPro v1 Features:

Includes this Editable Sales video template you see on the left
Video Instructions lead you step-by-step to a professional video
Create Profitable Sales Websites
Marketing Friendly, Ultra-Simple Set Up… Be Up & Running Fast! 

Why Are So Many Marketers Using VideoSalesPro v1?

Smart marketers realize that VideoSalesPro v1 is a powerful, flexible and no-brainer alternative to expensive design services that charge high fees for similar website designs… Here are a few more reasons…

Generate Leads

The included squeeze page will help generate opt-in leads for your email sales campaigns …

Engage Customers

Video sales landing pages generate more revenue and improve SEO by engaging  customers …

Web 3.0 Design

Your sales landing page has the latest Web 3.0 design.  It's so easy to edit, you'll get started in minutes…

Increase Your Sales

VideoSalesPro v1’s unique design allows you to create profitable video sales pages with ease…

Create Web 3.0  sales pages in minutes...

WEB 3.0 is a new format of web site - dynamic, free flowing, fully-responsive that instantly captures site visitors' attention and literally forces them through a complete funnel...right to a BUY NOW button or Contact Form!

The WEB 3.0 format is used by leading internet companies including Paypal, GoDaddy, Flickr and Clickbank to name a few.

VideoSales Pro v1 creates stunning mobile responsive WEB 3.0 sites that look like a million dollars! Clients will pay hundreds of dollars for these sites and you can build them in less than 10 minutes with this powerful DotNetNuke skin!


VideoSalesPro v1 Has Loads of Powerful Features!

VideoSalesPro v1 + DotNetNuke

VideoSalesPro v1 integrates directly with DotNetNuke for the ultimate in flexibility and power. It installs as a regular skin and you control all aspects of your landing page right from your own website…

By running this on your own site you have FULL control of your sales campaigns and are not relying on third party design services that cost a lot more…

Capture Interest with Video

Unlike other skins, our video sales page is designed to make sales and generate leads. The included sales video can be edited easily… We provide complete video instructions in our exclusive Members area.

Don't have the time to work with your video? We'll modify the video for you or create a unique video for you for an affordable fee…

Create Profitable Paid Lists

In addition to the main sales landing page, we include a separate, powerful squeeze page ... a unique feature that will allow you to generate leads for inclusion on your mailing list. This is a huge opportunity for smart marketers who want to create incredible profit streams fast. VideoSalesPro v1 easily integrates with PayPal  for one-time payments or recurring payments. We include a download page as well that you can direct customers to after completing the order…

That's Great But What Else Can VideoSalesPro v1 Do?

We’ve packed a lot of very high-power features in VideoSalesPro v1 that you would expect from a DotNetNuke skin, but we have just scratched the surface… Here’s a few more amazing features…


VideoSalesPro v1 is completely responsive when viewed from your mobile phone, iPad or desktop…

Easy to Edit

Use the built-in DotNetNuke editor to simply over-write our text and image place holders with your own content…

Increase Sales

Easily increase sales and or generate leads and lists as you see fit. Everything you need is included…

Video Sells!

Instantly broadcast your new website to all your subscribers with just a few clicks for easy video marketing…

Easy to  Use & Customize, Video Marketing Done Right

You can have the greatest sales campaign in the world with the best offer or service, but if you don’t engage your customers with an attractive sales page it’s wasted effort…

VideoSalesPro v1 Will Help Close Sales...

British researchers did a case study to determine how various information & design factors influence people's trust of healthcare websites. The study revealed that 94% of the first impression was based on the visual design.

Complete 3 Page Mini-Sales Site

Landing Page, email list building Squeeze Page and Product Download Page… They're all included. Hassle-free customization

and editing of these premium 'turn-key' sales pages is fast & easy.

Make an Instant Impact

Recently, Google exposed in their own research that it takes 50 ms, or sometimes as little as 17 ms, for a visitor to judge your website. And what will they judge in such a short period of time? Could they read even a word...? 

Extensive Video Training

Inside these quick training videos you'll learn how to change the

text, graphics and video on the sales page . Even if you're a

complete beginner and "technically challenged", these

step-by-step videos will be all you need to customize your site!

16 Premium Graphics Modules Included

Transform Your Websites Into Unstoppable Sales Machines With 100's of New, Electrifying "Copy-And-Paste" Sales Page Graphics. These sales graphics are very FLEXIBLE and could be potentially used for any kind of marketing purpose.

93% of Marketers Use Video... Shouldn't You?

Over the past few years, online video has become a vital part of the marketing mix for many successful brands. ReelSEO.com just released their third annual, in-depth study based on survey results from over 600 marketing professionals which confirms that not only are 93% of them are using video content, but 82% of the respondents stated that it has had a positive impact on their business or organization.

Published in conjunction with The Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media, the 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report, confirms the approach that many B2B and B2C companies are taking with video, their satisfaction levels with the ROI of video marketing, and the barriers to entry that are still considered to be a factor.

Online Video Marketing Has a Positive Impact

82% of marketers surveyed confirmed that online video marketing has had a positive impact on their organization or business. Just 10% felt video has had little impact on their overall marketing ROI with 7% confirming they had not yet integrated video into their marketing programs.

Source: 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey & Business Video Trends Report http://www.reelseo.com/2013-video-marketing-business-survey-trends-report/#ixzz32k90sWIH

©ReelSEO.com, All Rights Reserved

Highlights: The 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey Report

Of the 600 respondents to the survey, all actively involved in marketing or budget decision making, they established the following:

82% of marketers confirmed that video marketing had a positive impact on their business
93% of marketers surveyed are using video in their campaigns
60% are using video for email marketing
70% are optimizing video for search engines
70% of marketers will increase spend on video

Get VideoSalesPro v1 Now for $197 Just $47

Secure Your Copy of VideoSalesPro v1 and Take Control of Your Online Marketing…

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One-Time Only Payment – Includes a Personal License

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How Many Sites Are We Allowed to Install This On?

VideoSales Pro v1 Standard comes with Personal Use Rights which allows you to install it on any one of your personal websites. The Enterprise License allows you to install it on any of your personal or client sites, regardless of how many DNN installations you may have. Personal sites are defined as sites you actually own and are for your purposes.

How Do I Install VideoSales Pro v1? 

VideoSales Pro v1 is a DotNetNuke web template and it installs just like any other DNN Skin. This is a very powerful tool and it takes just minutes to install and configure. Once set up, you are ready to go… Simply edit the content and the images using the DNN Text/HTML editor.

What are the Requirements for VideoSales Pro v1?

In order to use VideoSales Pro v1 you need to have a self-hosted DotNetNuke site.  This DNN template will work in any version of DNN 6 or 7 and will automatically create your sales page, lead generating page and product download page.

Do You Provide Training on How to Use VideoSales Pro v1? 

Absolutely! We have a full video series, a complete installation manual and much more in your Members Only area. We show you every aspect of how to set up, configure and get started with VideoSales Pro v1 in just minutes. We make it as easy as possible for you to get the absolute most out of this DNN Web Template…


Product License

ENTERPRISE LICENSE You may use this Website Template on an unlimited number of websites (installations), belonging to either you or your client.

STANDARD LICENSE You may use this Website Template on a single website (installation) only, belonging to either you or your client. You need to purchase the same Website Template again if you wish to use it on another website (installation).