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posted by Ventrian Systems - 8/5/2011
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Ventrian Gallery (formerly Simple Gallery) is the ideal photo gallery module for DotNetNuke. As one of the original photo gallery modules for DotNetNuke, it has been developed (and extended) over many years. Module 21469
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Simple Gallery for DotNetNuke (4.5.5+) is the complete photo gallery module. The module allows photo(s) to be uploaded, thumbnailed and browsed. Advanced functionality includes approval of photo(s), albums, bulk upload, search integration, tags and syndication via RSS. The key to the module is "Simplicity", a key differentiator between this module and similar photo modules available. We have tried to make this module function very similar to other core modules such as "Links", "Announcements" and "Documents".

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Album Display

Photo Display

Slideshow (Lightbox) Display

Uploading files - Part #1

Uploading files - Part #2

Uploading files - Part #3

Other Modules

The module also comes with 3 other modules:

  • Ventrian Gallery Latest - for displaying the latest photos or albums on another page
  • Ventrian Gallery Search - for displaying a search for on another page or content pane
  • Ventrian Gallery Tag Cloud - for displaying a tag cloud based on image meta data


"I just happily renewed my Gold subscription for my 5th year today! I've been using Ventrian modules now for 5 years and 6 months and still think Scott's modules are the best value in the dnnOsphere. The flexibility of the modules, the constant improvements and enhancements, the incredible support....just one module would be work three times the yearly subscription at Ventrian."
- Steven Webster

"The products are spot on and for the money, excellent value!"
- Pat Scully

"I personally appreciate that guys like you are in the DNN community, keeping your costs reasonable while going the extra mile to make a great and useful product. Keep up the good work!"
- Trei Smith

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  • Q: Hi. I purchased Ventrian Gallery and tried to deploy it, but get the error message: "critical error has occurred.Could not find a part of the path 'D:\Hosting\8569513\html\dotnetnuke\Install\Module\'. " Can you help please? Phil Lovett.

    A: Hmm, this normally happens when file permissions are either set incorrectly or there has been an error in the binary information sent to the server. Have you tried installing again? If you can't get it working, can I get a login to help? (support@ventrian.com)

  • Q: Hi Guys, looks great. Is it possible to count the clicks on each phooto? Is it possible to place the Module on Page "Gallery". Add many Albums (with Sub-Albums) and add the Module on other pages which just show on Album out of the others? Ist it possible to view EXIF OR GPS Information? Thanks for you answers (I'm using DNN 6.x, compatible???) Cheers Joe

    A: Hi! Counting clicks on images are not supporting, but you might be able to incorporate in some jQuery which does it. As for album filtering, yes it does support this. If you use add existing module and place the same module on many pages. You can then filter down by album. Or you can also use the "simple gallery latest" to show photos/albums as well. It does extra EXIF on image upload. Yes, it works on DNN 6

  • Q: I am using you Gallery on this site: http://www.southwoodgraphics.com/ImageGallery.aspx It is a wonderful module, easy to work with. Thank you. My customer is a little frustrated and asked the following: It's very confusing. When a customer clicks on tractors it opens the thumbnails but takes you back to the top of the photo gallery and then you have to scroll down to find tractors again and then click again to open the images. (When I did it the first time I thought nothing happened when I double clicked). I would like to have the first double click take them directly into that sub-gallery. Is this possible?

    A: I've never quite seen it setup (like you have). It looks good though. If you contact support@ventrian.com, I'll send you an updated build which does what you wanted.

  • Q: Is this gallery based on Flash or jquery technology? Will the gallery be viewable on a iPods and Android device? Thanks

    A: The front-end side of the module is jQuery which will work on iOS or Android, etc. The uploader is flash however which means you won't be able to upload photos through iOS or Android.

  • Q: Hi I bought Simple Gallery on August 20th. DNN6.1 broke the scripting for the slideshow. Can I get the update to fix this issue?

    A: What version are you using? I updated SnowCovered to the latest release a few weeks back.

  • Q: Hi, I notice the demos include a download link under each image. I know you can't stop users from downloading images but we don't want to encourage them to do so; can the link be turned off or hidden?

    A: Yes! You can turn it off in Module Settings -> Zip Settings -> Uncheck Enable Zip

  • Q: Can this module be used on the same website but on multiple pages and have it display different images or categories for each individual page. Thanks.

    A: Yes! The module is based around ModuleID so you can put it on multiple pages. You can even use "Add Existing" and put the module on different pages and filter by album (if you wanted to use 1 instance)

  • Q: Hi Guys.. Chad here from DataSprings.com. I am working on a clients site and integrating/implementing images for users with our Dynamic User Directory. I am needing to find a module that allows users to easily "maintain" their own gallery which would also include limiting the number of images they can add and also allowing them to manage/maintained any images based on their userID/username. Can this module handle this? Thanks. Cnash@datasprinsg.com

    A: Hi Chad, A lot of people have asked this question - it's currently (and always has) been built around the central admin (or delegated roles) experience. It would become a slightly different beast (different mode) to turn it into personal galleries. It doesn't do this currently, although you can have moderated images submitted to the "pool" of images. I would be happy to work with you to get this done - I have a few questions around how the filtering would work (perhaps we can talk directly at support@ventrian.com)

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