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posted by tanld - 7/12/2015
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Useful tool for users and roles management: bulk add, edit, delete, share users across portals, switch users, import, export users with CSV... Module 34881
  • $19.00 Single License - You may install the module on a single instance of DNN and use it on all child portals running on that instance
  • $49.00 Enterprise - No limited


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Basic Features

  • Display list of users from A to Z or by Roles.
  • Search with Role, Username, Email, First Name, Last name.
  • Bulk Add, Edit, Delete, Remove, Authorize, UnAuthorize, Restore Users, Roles
  • Bulk Add users to Role.
  • Background mode for long tasks.
  • Share users across portals
  • User Switcher
  • Import, Export Users, Roles with CSV.
  • Role Access Rule, Module Permissions.

* Only Compatible with DNN 7.3.x and higher.

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1. User A-Z:

It displays all user accounts. You can navigate it with the a-z letters on top. You can also define how many rows to show per paging and has all the built in bulk actions that you may come to love as a busy Administrator.

2. Users By Role:

allows the admin to search for users by specific role.

3. Import Users:

Import users from Excel, CSV, XML

4. Roles & Groups:

5. Role Permissions:

Allows you to set access role permissions for any existing page in DNN site.

6. Switch User:

Allows you to quickly swap between user accounts in DNN website.