Unlimited Colors DNNSmart WZ0028 Responsive Skin - Responsive Layout, Mobile, Tablet

posted by DNNSmart.net - 3/20/2014
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Unlimited Colors, responsive skin looks great on PC/Mobile/Tablet devices. It has 2 kinds of layouts, 16 containers and SEO menu, responsive slider banner. It can works with IE8+, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari, Chrome. It's compatible with DNN4/5/6/7/8. Theme 32755
  • $119.99 Skin (Unlimited)
  • $154.99 Skin (Unlimited) + Effect Modules (One Portal License 50% Off)
  • $294.99 Skin (Unlimited) + Effect Modules (Unlimited License 50% Off)


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Responsive design works across Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Phones.
Flexible design adapts to different screen sizes.
Skin includes Home Page Layout and Inner Page Layout.
Skin includes 16 kinds of pretty containers.
Compatible with DNN490+, DNN5.x, DNN6.x, DNN7.x, DNN8.x
Compatible with W3C XHTML/CSS standard which can help your site support SEO friendly.
Compatible with widely used browsers, such as IE8+, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari & Chrome.
Enteprise version of AP menu skin object which costs $200 is included in this skin free of charge. AP menu skin object can be compatible with W3C XHTML/CSS standard and support SEO friendly.
If you purchase skin together with responsive slider, tabs, collapse, portfolio modules option, it's 50% off compared to purchasing this module separately. On home page of the skin demo, you will see these modules.
For quick contact form on our skin demo site, it's achieved by our Super Form module. If you want to get it, you can go here and purchase it.
Purchase Single Color
Skins with different colors have their own special styles. After you choose your favourite styles, you can also change colors to what you want.
Responsive Design
can adjust to any device on which it's displayed.
Slider Banner
A variety of

Product License

1)Enterprise license
If you purchase the skin with slider module option, you can use this slider module on all your sites or your clients'sites without any limit.

You're allowed to make any necessary change to our skin to meet your need.

3)Resale not allowed
It's prohibited to resale or redistribute this product on any other market place.