Twilio SMS Integration Module

posted by Systems Toolsmiths - 7/26/2016
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A module to send SMS messages from DNN. Four controls are provided: send and list SMS messages; send SMS to a user role; check events and alert admin by SMS; generate Twilio message handlers. Module 36412


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A module that enables a Twilio account to send SMS messages to a mobile number from a DNN page.

See to set up a trial free Twilio account.

The first release provides four controls:

  • a control that allows SMS messages to be sent, and a list of messages sent to be displayed

    This module adds two fields and a SEND button. One field is the message, the other field is the number to which the message will be sent.
  • a control that will send an SMS message to all users having a chosen role
  • a control that polls the event log for exceptions and sends an SMS to an administrator
  • a utility to generate a TwiML handler to respond to an incoming VOICE call or SMS

Future enhancements are planned. Please send us your suggestions.

We are also happy to undertake custom work.

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