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TanLD Snow 3D

posted by tanld - 11/18/2014
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Do you want to attract customers and visitors with Christmas atmosphere and wind of snowflakes? The Snow 3D module will make your page interesting with amazing spirit of upcoming Winter. Module 33901
  • $9.00 Single License (1 DNN instance)
  • $30.00 Enterprise (No limited)


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Christmas Effects Module

Snow 3D is a jQuery based module for smart, fast, modern and comfortable site decoration. 

Do you want to decorate your page to attract customers and visitors with modern, smart, unique and Christmas snowflakes

The Snow 3D module will make your page interesting for users with amazing spirit of upcoming Winter! 

There are over 200 types of snowflakes, control of any speed and direction available for your choice! Just install and enjoy beautiful winter on your page! 

Snow 3D is responsive to any site with natural and intuitive effects. It is friendly supported by responsive mode and touch on mobile devices. There is also simple and easy to install and understand settings.

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  • 200+ snowflakes included
  • Animation smoothly fades when page scrolls down
  • Setting to show animation once per session.
  • Hide button with custom styles and hiding modes: session and any number of days
  • Modern and smooth animation
  • IE11+ support
  • Advanced 3D realism
  • Live camera
  • Fully Responsive

Browser Support:

Support DNN Version: 5.x, 6.x, 7.x


TanLD Snow 3D


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