Supersized / Amazing fullscreen background slideshow / 7 transition effects / DNN 6

posted by UltimateDNN - 2/25/2012
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Supersized is a perfect-looking background slideshow built using the jQuery library. Fullscreen and windowed views, 7 transition effects and dozens of other options allow you to get a slideshow to suit every taste. Module 24795


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  • Q: Can you customize the Supersize Module to not display the progress bar at bottom bar.

    A: Sure, it's possible. Please contact us via help desk.

  • Q: 1- Does it work in all browser, IE, Chrome, Firefox,opera and ...? 2- I want to know if the menu of DNN is also shown on the pages you use this module or it will be hidden?

    A: 1. Sure it works in all modern browsers. 2. This will depend on the skin you're using (z-index of the menu etc...). But you can always customize your css to show/hide the menu.

  • Q: Hi! Where i can download trial version for testing usage? Thanks! Scippy

    A: Hi, we don't provide trial version as it is not expensive product.

  • Q: Hi, I purchased supersized slideshow 1.0. I see there is a new version available. Do I need to repurchase to upgrade? Thanks

    A: You can free download the update from "My Downloads" page.

  • Q: does this work at all with DNN 5.x?

    A: The module is designed for the DNN 6.

  • Q: Is there a User Manual? I have problems with installation and usage.

    A: Hi, Which problems with installation do you have?

  • Q: I just bought the module and deployed it in my DNN6 website. It seems to work all right, but when I change the slides, it takes one or two changes, and then suddenly goes back to the original demo slide sequence! This happens if I add slides, if I delete slides from the original demo set, if I change the image title. Any idea?

    A: Hi, please create a help desk ticket on this issue with steps to reproduce the problem.

  • Q: Does it work with DNN5?

    A: Unfortunately not.

  • Q: I love the module, but it is not possible to add a personalized text/html advertising for each image ... Do not you plan to add this feature?

    A: Hi, We will consider this feature. Stay tuned.

  • Q: Hi, I want "Supersized / Amazing fullscreen background slideshow / 7 transition effects / DNN 6" module for demo on our site. if it's possible to run a demo ! Many Thanks Jay

    A: Hi, What do you mean by demo? This is not an expensive product and there is no trial version. If you buy the product you can use it on the developer PC and on one production host. Stay tuned.

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