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The SunsingSoft CMS is a full featured content management solution for DNN including unified administration, approval, moderation, commenting, authoring, image, document, MP3, video management. Packaged with over 20 modules for various uses, we are sure you will enjoy this suite. Library 34111


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The SunsingSoft CMS is a full featured content management solution for DNN including unified administration, approval, moderation, commenting, publishing, versioning and rollback and authoring. Our fully integrated media file management tools allow for large file uploading for videos and documents, zip files, thumbnail image creation, image, document, MP3 and video management. Our unique tag word functionality creates a easily customizable categorization and filtering system. Packaged with over 20 modules for various uses, we are sure you will enjoy this suite. Previously sold as the KodHedZ Content Server, this is the new and improved product!

To install, unzip the main file and install all of the modules into your DNN version. Before using any modules, create a page you will use for your CMS administration dashboard, and place the KHZ_Content module into it. This will auto install all the prerequisites and create all of the admin pages you will need as sub pages underneath that page, and configure those modules for you. Then, you are able to use any of the modules within your website. Please read the included Install.txt file for recommended web.config changes.


Content Management for DNN

The SunsingSoft Content Management Server for DotNetNuke is a set of web services, components, modules and addons that together provide full featured, scalable CMS with all of the features expected in todays technology climate.


  • Content Editing
  • Content Versioning
  • Content Approval
  • Content Publishing
  • Social Networking
  • Ecommerce
  • Data Entry Forms
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Document Management
  • Peer to Peer Networking

Content Editing

  • Define seperate Content Repositories for each Author or by Groups (Roles)
  • Extensive Taxonomy Meta-data using a Tag based structure 
  • Group related content by Tag and Peer to Peer Interests
  • Definitions for the Title (Headline), Abstract (Summary) and Thumbnail Image
  • Search for Content based on Content ID, Author, Repository, Tag, Date Range, or Publication Area
  • WYSIWYG HTML Editor brings rich editing options similar to what you are used to with desktop word editors
  • Drag and Drop Video, Audio, Images, Interactive Data Entry Forms, and Ecommerce Products into Content articles from your repository 
  • Easy to use Templates make building content quick and painless


Content Versioning 

  • Logging of all changes to Content
  • Create a new Version each time the Content is saved and increment the Version #
  • Rollback Content to previous versions
  • Review and compare current and previous versions


 Content Approval

  • Specify a Role for Content Approvers
  • Override Approval based on Role or Author Permissions
  • Author comments for each Version of the Content
  • Optional Email Notification to Approvers of Content requiring approval, and to Authors of Content Approval or Rejection
  • Approve or Reject content changes with comments


Content Publishing

  • Publish to or remove content from specific Pages on the current website (current domain name)
  • Publish to or remove content from external websites (different domain name or IP address) based on customizable credentials - the websites need not be on the same server
  • Define a Role for Content Publishers
  • Override Publishing based on Role or Author Permissions
  • Monitor and create reports on Published locations and activity for each article
  • Define a "Go Live" date for Content Visibility per published location
  • Define Content Visibility based on Role or User Permissions 



Social Networking

  • Complete integration with our Social Server
  • Show Content Articles through a variety of displays based on Popularity, Ratings, Recently Written, and Reviews
  • Display icons next to your articles to make it easy for viewers to submit to a variety of popular social networking websites
  • Options to display Comments from viewers with moderation
  • Icons to Rate the Article, shown next to each article in the various displays
  • Link each article to selected Interests, which tie into the User Profiles
  • Sort articles based on Ratings, Reviews, Comments and Interests
  • Enable User Profiles with customizable options for each of your Authors
  • Display a Search pane for User Profiles based on a wide variety of options
  • Profiles link to Articles that have been Written, Reviewed, Commented on, Rated, or Favorited by the User
  • Group articles based on Users Interests and Groups they have joined with those Interests
  • User Profile Avatars (Images) link back to their profile



  • Complete integration with our Catalog Server Product Catalog and Shopping Cart
  • Drag and Drop Product thumbnail images from your Catalog into your Content Articles and set display options, with buy now buttons and product details.


Data Entry Forms

  • Complete integration with our Form Server
  • Create Custom Forms to handle your specific requirements using the Form Generator.  Included are these default forms:
    • Subscribe to my Mailing List
    • Pay me using PayPal
  • Drag and Drop pre made Forms into your Content Articles and set the customizable options to provide an unlimited of data entry or data collection services


Interactive Multimedia

  • Upload files to your repository as zipfiles or as individual files.  Zipfiles are automatically extracted and added to the appropriate repository
  • Once uploaded, all files are available to drag and drop into your Content Articles from the appropriate repository as thumbnails
  • Multimedia files show as thumbnail images in when editing content, but as a templated Video Player, MP3 Player, or as Fullsize or Thumbnail images (with mouseovers) when viewed as Content, depending on the Media Format
  • Large file upload to 100 megs
  • Automatically resize images for the web without height / width distortion to reduce bandwidth. Image formats supported are: BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF
  • Automatically reformat videos and convert to Flash Video format and resize for widescreen (16:9) or Standard (4:3) ratios.  Video formats supported are: MPEG, FLV, WMV, AVI, MOV
  • Upload Audio files as WAV, MP3 or WMA
  • Wide variety of display modules to create Video Galleries, MP3 Playlists, and Image Galleries
  • Show the most recently uploaded Image or Video from randomly selected content accounts
  • Organize and filter media files with Tags
  • Options to create Comments, ratings and reviews on media with moderation
  • Group Images related by Tags or Upload batch as an image gallery with forward / back buttons


Document Management

  • Upload documents to your repository as zipfiles or as individual files
  • Supported Document Formats: Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .docx), Powerpoint Presentations (.ppt), Excel Spreadsheets (.xls), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Hypertext Markup (.htm, .html), Plain Text (.txt), Rich Text (.rtf)
  • Organize and filter documents by Tag, Linked Documents, Document Type, Date Added, or Filename
  • Link to documents within your Content Articles by Dragging a thumbnail image of the document into your article





Product License

Licensed for a single DNN installation.