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Smart List

posted by Vinit Yadav - 2/28/2018
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The Easy, Flexible and Powerful List type content builder for DNN. Module 37784
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    Below offer is valid till 30 April 2018. We are going to revise our pricing structure after that.

  • $9.99 Standard License Upto 3 installations
  • $49.99 Extended License Unlimited installations within 1 organization
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Build lean, beautiful, multipurpose lists with a clean and intuitive UI to suit a range of purposes.

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What makes Smart List unique?

You can create virtually any list based content with just one module, be it image gallary, video/audio gallary, carousels, banners, testimonials or anything that you can think of. You are limited to only your imagination, Smart List can create any list based content you can imagine.

All-in-one Module

With this sinle module you can create gallary, slider, carousel, testimonial or any list based content.

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Easily Customizable

We designed it's user experience in such a way that any DNN developer or any content writer can customize and add content in it.

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Developer Friendly

Intuitive approach to build list content without the need to write tons of code, just simple dumb template based approach.

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Microsoft Azure Ready

Be it on premise or Azure deployment, you will never face any issue with the installation or configuration, we have tested it for you.

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Dead-simple Integration

Adding module to existing page/website is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Add columns, template and content. You are done.

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Premium Support

We back every purcahsed license with premium support. Need help with designing complex conten, we are just an email away.

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Simple pricing for everyone

Whether you're looking to try it out, integrating with one website or working with enterprise, we've got an option for you.



For those who wants to try without compromise on any feature. We allow all the features of module for you to try for 15-days.

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Allows you to use all features for three DNN installation, one for developer, testing and production environment. Prices will increase to $29.99 after 30th April 2018.

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All features for unlimited installation on unlimited number of DNN websites within one organization, be it developer machine, testing or production environment.

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Use any CSS framework, i.e. bootstrap, ui kit or use your own to create list.


Create responsive lists with any CSS framework

Image Gallary

Create beautiful and responsive image gallary

Video Montage

Build video montage or wall from embedded/hosted videos

Responsive Slider

Create image or text based beautiful sliders that attracts your customer


Build fully customizable timeline with bare bone html, javascript and css


You can create horizontal or vertical Accordions for text or image display

Responsive Cards

Create fantastic looking cards for your list content, i.e. profiles, addresses


Show image based content in Masonry layout easily

Pricing Tables

Cannot find module to create Pricing tables, now you have one

Responsive Carousel

Ever wondered to include carousel on landing page, create one with ease now

Team Members

Create avatar or image based team member profile page


Customer testimonials now can be displayed without purchasing another module

Feature List

Want to showcase features of your product, now you can


Have multiple related information, use tab layout to show it in horizontal or vertical fashion

Image Uploader

No need to host image saperately, just upload once and use again and again

Frequently Asked Questions

How long Standard or Extended license is valid?

Both the licenses are valid for lifetime, you will continue to receive new update for lifetime. The only limitation is number of websites you can use them, Standard can be activated only 3 times, assuming 1 for developer environment, 1 for testing and 1 for Production environment.

Can I upgrade to different license type later?

Yes, absolutely. You can upgrade from Trial to Standard and Standard to Extended at any point in time. Just email us at [email protected]

Can the license be transferred?

Yes, but only if there is a transfer of ownership of the entire product.

I've hired a developer to work on my site. Who should buy the license?

You should. It is always best for you, the site owner, to have access to your Smart List license. That’s how you access downloads, license keys, and support. You can purchase a license under your own name and then give the developer the license key for the site, once he is done you can give it to another developer if you switch developer.

Can I get help from Smart List developer to develop my site?

Absolutely, we do have developers ready to work on bespoke development or configuring Smart List module, just drop an email to [email protected]