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SLS FileManagement 01.06.06

posted by SliverSoft.com - 1/22/2010
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It's a host-level tools developed by SLiverSoft It's a host-level tools de- Super user of dnn use this module to view, edit and delete any files in any directories in dnn, and update any file to any directory. Others, Super Users can give others normal users (including administrators) permissions Module 16691
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Tell us what you need and what you want, maybe the next version is the right one for you. slsdnn@gmail.com.

  1. It's a host-level tools developed by SLS.
  2. Super user of dnn use this module to view, edit and delete any files in any directories in dnn, and update any file to any directory. Others, Super Users can give others normal users (including administrators) permissions to view,edit, upload and delete special files in special folders.
  3. Super user create others ROOT Folder difference from WebSite folder, and act on as 2.
  4. It can be instead of FCK image, flash and Link selector.

First of all, you should create a "UserData" ROOT, and authorize all users (role) access permissions (such as downlaod / upload / delete) to some folders in this ROOT, then every users will have their own folders, and they  can use different folders from others.

Find FCK settings in section in web.config

1. replace ImageGalleryPath="~/Providers/HtmlEditorProviders/Fck/fckimagegallery.aspx" to ImageGalleryPath="~/DesktopModules/SLS_FileManagement/fileviewer.aspx"

2. replace FlashGalleryPath="~/Providers/HtmlEditorProviders/Fck/fckimagegallery.aspx" to FlashGalleryPath="~/DesktopModules/SLS_FileManagement/fileviewer.aspx"

3. replace LinkGalleryPath="~/Providers/HtmlEditorProviders/Fck/fcklinkgallery.aspx" to LinkGalleryPath="~/DesktopModules/SLS_FileManagement/fileviewer.aspx"

For example:

1.  host can set administrator of portal 0 to have edit permission to .css files in [\Portals \ 0], so it's css style editor.

2. host can set Registered Users download permission to .resources files in [\Install \ Module], then it's a file download manager.

3. Create a “UserData“ Root, then all authorized users would have their own folders alonely.


  • Fix bug, it will show incorrectly in column [root name] of roles when testing username in [Role/User Rule].
  • Fix bug, it can't show files if the default ROOT is not website.
  • Fix bug, it can't work well for the updating in version 1.6.2.
  • You can set folder permission that copying file Permissions of current folder to sub folders when they are created.
  • You can forbid users download files out of your website (un-forbid is default).
  • Normal roles or users can add/delete sub folder in assigned folders, and manage their private folders.
  • FCK Link browser replacement in web.config.
  • Administrators can have [folder admin] tools as host have except [root admin], that is, admin can maintain folder access for all roots which host created.
  • Fix bugs when downloading files.
  • You can custom user folder for type “UserData“ using tokens, such as,[userid], [username] and [portalid].
  • Add “folder add“ and “folder delete“ for [folder admin] 
  • The ultimate system administrator’s tool
  • Create Root Folders difference from WebSite, then files in them are obfuscated and stored that makes it impossible for users to be downloaded directly. And it's easy to transfer the root folder to others directory, just copy the folders and files into the new root, then the new root run OK.
  • Edit any file on these Root Folders (including Website Root) ONLINE
  • Edit skins and containers ONLINE
  • Change your web.config ONLINE
  • Edit any style sheet ONLINE
  • View your changes instantly ONLINE
  • No more messing with FTP programs to make edits ONLINE
  • Every user's folders distinct, that is, one user can have its own folder.
  • Instead of FCK Iamge and flash selector.
  • Special user view special folders, and its special types of files.
  • Super users view and edit permissions by special role
  • Super users view and edit permissions by special folders
  • Super users authorize special types of file in special folders to special roles.
  • Super users view and list any directories and files in your website.
  • Super users edit any TEXT-FORMAT files in your website online.
  • Super users delete any file in your website.
  • Super users download any file in your website.
  • Super users set access permissions to special role
  • Super users set access permissions to special user
  • Authorized user edit/update/delete any file to any authorized folders
  • Every folder has its own security settings.
  • Permissions are both role- and user based.
  • Files can be saved outside the portal root
  • Use with care!
  • You will have SIX month to update freely to the new version!

It is programmed in C# based framework2.0.
It is only for DNN4.5+.
It does not require change to any in DNN.
Just install it as a normal module.

Please contact us:slsdnn@gmail.com

Some Screenshot

The Main Page ( Super user's view, normal user's view without host test ).

Root Path Setup

Folder Admin ( Super user's page).

 Super Users authorize permissions to Role/User:

Super user setup "UserData" root

Super Users edit permissions of Special Role / User:




  • Q: In regard to my question about dev, test, train, and prod versions of the same site, your answer is not clear. Will one license cover all four sites?

    A: Yes, you can only buy one license for these four sites.

  • Q: WE have Dev, Test, Train, and Production versions of the site we may want to use this on. Does that mean buying 4 licenses, and if so, the that keep us from just xcopying the entire site file structure between these four sites as we do now?

    A: Just buy one license for YOUR the SAME website.

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Haim K says... 5 5.0
Very good module and very good support! Thanks.
Posted 9/29/2009
Robert A says... 5 5.0
Full access to your entire DNN portal's file system.. from a module - This will come is very useful!
Posted 4/13/2008

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