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posted by SalarO Team - 4/29/2009
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The ConstantContact organizing a small latest industry information and connect with their bussiness clients, members. Our Signup is simple module to allow users / guests of your website to enter their email addresses to signup in your Constantcontact account. Module 14231


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Here to contact the Constant Contact register.

The ConstantContact organizing a small latest industry information and connect with their bussiness clients, members.it provides help to educate through email marketing and online practices.Click here to know more information in the Constant Contact

What is Constant Contact

  • Email Marketing—speak to your audience with impact. With SpeakUp! Email Marketing you can:
  • Get started fast with customizable HTML email templates
  • Create email campaigns in a snap with our easy-to-use Email Wizard
  • Build, manage, and secure your email marketing contacts
  • Send email marketing communications and be confident they'll get delivered
  • Get results fast with instant tracking and reporting
  • Extend the life of your email marketing when you add Email Archive
  • Access a stock image gallery of 3400 pictures when you add Premium Image Hosting
  • Get help every step of the way with FREE coaching & support
  • ConstantContact Module Settings: In its settings you just needs to give your constant contact accounts username and password details.
  • User View : If the site user wish to join in your mailing list he can give his mail address and just click submit.

  • Managing mailing list : The submitted mail address will be added in your constant contact account. so, you can login in your constant contact account and manage your mailing list.




  • Q: Currently on our old non-DNN website a user could enter in their email address and then get taken to a sign-up page where they could self-select which topic(s) they would like to sign up for. Example URL: http://10.sulu.wmsco.com/www/docs/202 Does your product permit us to bring the user to the topic sign-up page or is it used just to add their email address behind-the-scenes to our Constant Contact account?

    A: Hi Ken, Thanks for your questions. Yes. It is used just to add their email address behind-the-scenes to your Constant Contact account. Thanks

  • Q: If I have two newsletter lists in Constand Contact, can the site visitor select the list to join? If not, how does the site administrator know which list the visitor wants to join?

    A: Yes, the module has the option to set the contact list to which you want the visitors to join.

  • Q: I have a client with 2 newsletter options on Constant Contact.... using Constant Contact's code it directs you to one of their forms where you can select which item you want to opt-in to... the issue is the code i received from Constant Contact to add onto one of my pages... doesn't work inside DNN.. but does work in standard html environments.. so how does your module handle the form?

    A: Hi DNN like any other ASP.net application runs within a form. In a traditional HTML page you can add the form that is supplied by Constant Contact with no issue. However, in DNN or any other ASP.net application, adding the form will mean you have a form within a from which will either make the page give error or the form you added will just not work. Any such form will need to be added to the ASP.net application as a web control and in DNN would mean it needs to be a module that has this functionality added which is what our module does. Many thanks >> Salar

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Gage T says... 3 3.0
it works in Constant contact, however there are no options to change the text or icon, as well as the button color doesn't match the site buttons and... Show More
Posted 8/10/2011
Michael C says... 5 5.0
Posted 11/7/2010