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Scroll News (01.00.03)


Scroll News (01.00.01)

posted by - 7/3/2012 Active Since 9/5/2011

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Scroll News Module allows users to scroll through news items in a vertical direction with a lot of manageable settings that allow everybody to easily customize the look of the news. Module 26227


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Compatible with:

DotNetNuke 5

DotNetNuke 6

We use Framework 3.5

Version 01.00.01 update features:

- default settings added

- help resource added

- target for link added.


With skin

No skin

Module edit:

In edit mode users can add news and link to exteral/internal pages news are referred to.

Module settings:

In settings mode users can change all news visualization options.

N.B. You can put only one time on the same page!