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Save as PDF 1.0.2

posted by Bizmodules Solutions - 4/17/2013
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Save as PDF is a DotNetNuke module that converts any DotNetNuke page to Adobe PDF format, including texts, pictures and even flash contents. Module 30350
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Why need "Save as PDF"

Assume a pontential client reach your website,  he see some interesting stuffs and would like to save it for further review, it would be amazing if you could offer a downloadable PDF version for any web pages on your website. "Save as PDF" can help you to do this.

What is "Save as PDF"

"Save as PDF" is a DotNetNuke module, you can use it to convert any DotNetNuke page to Adobe PDF format, it converts everything in the page including texts, pictures and even flash contents(to picture), so the PDF you get looks exactly same as in your browser.

Beside this, "Save as PDF" can futher be used to to convert ANY internet URL to PDF, please read our user guide for further information about this.

Trial version & User guide

Click HERE to download the user guide and trial version, feel free to try it before you buy.