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TheSales Rep module is integrated with SmithCart and the SmithCart eCommerce suite. This module can provide your online store with the ability to setup and track Sales Reps selling on behalf of your business. Module 25373
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Sales Rep Module
The Sales Rep module provides you with the ability to setup and track SalesReps selling on behalf of your business and is fully integrated with SmithCart.

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Sales Rep management includes the following:
  • Sales Office and Sales Rep Management
  • Commission Management
  • Sales Region Setup

  • Commissions allow you to define how much to pay salespeople based on the total amount they sell.
  • Commission Tiers by Sales Rep/Office
  • Commission Percentage by Sales Region (country, region, state combo)
  • Calculate commission based on a tiered structure.
  • Sales volume and commissions reset to zero each month for all Reps.

  • Sales Rep Orders
  • Commission Report
  • Filter by Sales Rep/Office and month/year

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