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posted by SalarO Team - 3/11/2015
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The module basically redirects to your mobile version of the site url, when the main site is accessed in iPhone or iPod device or any mobile devices. Module 34370


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Mobile Redirector Module
There are a few ways to ensure your content is accessible via iPhone and iPod Touch, Essentially there are 3 main different levels of iPhone support to which you could approach and in time we intend to add other Smart Phones to this list:
  • Compatible: Ensure that your existing Portal is functioning ok on the iPhone and make any minor tweaks necessary for basic display.
  • Optimized: Create an alternate fresh portal or child portal with correct user interface or skin that has been created with the iPhone in mind.
  • Application: Create a completely new web application intended specifically for iPhone and smart phone users.

Please click here to see the video on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Each level is more challenging to implement than the one before, and each provides a better iPhone user experience than the one before. With this module you can either go for second option of creating a child portal with copy of relevant content for this class of users and let the module direct people to these pages or create simplified pages on your existing dnn portal and direct iphone users automatically to these pages. Therefore, this module basically redirects to your iPhone version of the site URL, when the main site is accessed in iPhone or iPod device.  

It can be applied to just a single page or internal pages rather than globally.

It can be set so iPad is considered a desktop rather than a mobile site.

Package: Salaro_iPhoneRedirect
Configuration Steps:

Step 1: Install & Configure this module Salaro_iPhoneRedirect in home page.
Step 2: In Settings Item -> Page Settings Section, Set the fields Collapse/Expand to None, Display Container? to uncheck and Allow Print? to uncheck.
Screen Shot:

Step 3: In Settings Item -> Salaro_iPhoneRedirect Settings Section, Set the values as below:
Screen Shot:

Supporting Versions: It can support from DNN 5.X to DNN 7.X.


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The Module is per Domain Name basis and if you have more than one domain please contact us for a fair quote. If there are any questions beyond what you can ask here at then please contact us at

Note: The license key relates to one instance of DNN.

The Module has a 7 days grace period and the License is a standard DNN Module like most other modules sold here. We have avoided writing a very long legal document and trust a fair usage and a fair support will follow your purchase. The 7 day grace period will allow you to test and ensure it meets your requirements before final purchase.

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