Revindex Impersonator 2.0 - Impersonate as any user without login

posted by Revindex Inc. - 2/13/2014
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Impersonate as any user on your site with just one click. This handy tool is a must have to troubleshoot customer support or development issues. Module 32625
  • $0.00 Free Trial Limited to impersonate from host to admin
  • $79.99 Professional Edition Same features as Enterprise. License for 1 live and test URL
  • $320.00 Enterprise Edition Same features as Professional. License for 1 machine & test URL


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Revindex Impersonator helps improve customer service

React quickly to fix issues the way your user sees it.

Free Trial Users Manual Release Notes

When you need to replicate the environment exactly as seen by your user, use the Revindex Impersonator to gain access to the user account without needing their password to login. The Revindex Impersonator allows you to impersonate as any user on your site with just one click. It's a must-have companion to run a smooth operating Web site.

  • Impersonate as any user with just one click.
  • Quickly restore back to previous user after impersonation.
  • Built-in security allows this tool to run only in authenticated mode so you don't accidentally expose to the public.
  • Built-in security allows only host user to impersonate as administrators.
  • Auto-suggest usernames as you type.
  • Mobile responsive (iPhone, iPad, Android, Desktop, etc.).
  • Professional edition is licensed by top-level domain. The Enterprise edition is license for 1 physical server for unlimited DNN installations.
  • Requires DNN 7.1.2+ (Older version 6.1+ also available).
  • Includes 90-days free software upgrade.
  • Free community level support.
  • Trial software is limited to impersonate as Administrators only.
With great powers, always use this tool responsibly with user permission and consent first!


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