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posted by ProbityCode - 3/13/2013
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ProbityCode BlueBox is an enhanced replacement for the standard Recycle Bin. In addition to standard RecycleBin functionality: Column Filters, Sorting, Restore and Auto Preview, Preview HTML Module, Search HTML, Auto Restore Parent Pages, Auto Restore Child Modules, Auto Delete Child Pages, etc... Module 29964
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ProbityCode BlueBox is an enhanced replacement for the standard Recycle Bin. BlueBox provides the following features in addition to the standard recycle bin functionality

This is my  contribution to the DNN community - sorry no support available.



  1. Paged Navigation: View thousands of records without sacrificing performance. Page size is configurable.
  2. Column Filters: Quickly locate deleted modules or pages with a flexible filters.
    1. Special: Module Type Filter lets you select deleted modules with the drop-down list of deleted module types only, making for a much cleaner selector
  3. Sort By Column: You may sort by Tab Name, Module Title, Module Type, and Parent Tab Name. Three state mode allows ascending and descending sort order, or sort clear.
  4. Restore: Restore individual page or module with a single click
  5. Restore & Preview: Restore a page or a module and navigate to that page to see the change it caused
  6. Delete: Delete individual page or module with a single click
  7. Restore All Selected: Restore all selected pages or modules within the view
  8. Delete All Selected: Delete all selected pages or modules within the view
  9. Empty Recycle Bin: permanently deletes all items from the BlueBox (and the RecycleBin)
  10. Preview HTML Module (Modules-Only Feature): Deleted, non-empty module text can be previewd instantly, without the need to restore it, with a click of an icon. Note: only modules with content present show the preview icon.

    Popup with contents:
  11. Search HTML (Modules-Only Feature): Advanced, multi-part filter for locating deleted modules by searching within their content

  12. Productivity Features (Module Settings):
    1. Auto Restore Parent Pages: When a module you are trying to restore resides on a page that has been deleted this option will automatically restore the parent and its parents all the way to the top level. This also applies when restoring pages with deleted parents. When this option is not set you will get warnings like the ones in the Recycle Bin.
    2. Auto Restore Child Modules (Pages-Only Feature): When deleting pages DNN also deletes all it's child modules. Checking this option will restore the modules along with the pages. Note that if "Auto Restore Parent Pages" is checked, this option will restore each restored page's child modules as well.
    3. Auto Delete Child Pages (Pages-Only Feature): When deleting pages with child pages this option will delete the whole hierarchy without having to remove the children one at a time before removing the parent page.

    4. Protected Mode: When this is checked DNN ensures that this module is visible to Administrators only regardless of the permissions applied.

  13. Auto-Install Admin Menu: automatically installs and configures Portal 0. Ready to use immediately, just check under Admin > BlueBox (DNN 6) or Admin Menu > Advanced Settings (DNN 7)
    1. DNN 6 Admin Menu

    2. DNN 7 Admin Menu > Advanced Settings

  14. DotNetNuke 6.2.x & 7 Compatible - Note! due to issues with DNNGrid under DNN 7, BlueBox pager may be set to maximum 15 records per page (with an unlimited number of pages though)

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