QR Code App 1.0.3

posted by Daniel Mettler - 5/13/2016
Daniel Mettler Active Since 2/9/2016

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A in-page QR-code generator for any text, url or the current page; with many features like size, color, hide-till-you-print, etc. Module 36140


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What is a DNN App?

DNN Apps are a like modules on steroids. They are easy to modify and template, and install per portal (not globally on the entire system). To make this possible, you must first install the 2sxc App engine, instructions here.

Use it as is, or create your own templates/output.

Here is a live demo

This App helps you create custom QR codes on your web-pages or automatically create a QR code for the current web page. This could be included on every page in a hidden area that is print-only. 

This DNN App is very easy to customize / redesign as you need it:

  1. many features like QR Size/Colors/Error-Correction and more
  2. ability to define custom URLs
  3. ability to automatically QR-Code the URL to the current page
  4. uses Token templates, so even admins can install it without host permissions
  5. Newest additions in version 01.02
    1. Short-URL for current page
    2. Hidden but printable QR-Code for current page
    3. new view showing the url under the QR Code (ideal for short-urls which could be typed)

Content Management Features

      Content-Editing Features

      Fun content editing thanks to

        Content-Management Features

        Advanced Data Handling like

          Multi-Language Features

          Everything is multi-language

          • all content is multi-language
          • ...even images can be
          • translation at field level, so the editor can choose which fields to translate
          • multi-language layouts using app-resources
          • multi-language edit-UIs (labels, help-texts, etc.)

          Customize Everything

              For the Designer

              The most flexible, customizable design

              • fully customizable layouts / templates
              • create new layouts / templates
              • editor can't break your design
              • easily adapt to your preferred CSS framework
              • easily add custom fields (text, numbers, wysiwyg, links, files, pages, etc.)
              • anything you customize can be exported/imported with one click
              • best-practices separation between data (content-items), layout (templates), layout-settings (presentation), app-wide settings (app-settings)

                For Developers / Power-Designers

                • use [Tokens] to create simple, custom layouts
                • or use @Razor to create advanced custom layouts
                • supports nodejs-style app development with  grunt, gulp and github etc.
                • powerfull server-side C# API for anything you want
                • powerfull javascript API to create awesome AJAX stuff
                • advanced visual query designer
                • advanced input types like url-fields, gps or icon-pickers

                  For the System-Admin (Host)

                  • installs / uninstalls in seconds without DNN restart
                  • apps are self-contained - if you install or remove them, it doesn't affect anything else
                  • apps install per-portal, so customizations don't affect other portal (unless you want them to in advanced scenarios)


                  Product License

                  MIT License