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Responsive Website use Bootstrap 3 techniques that automatically adapts to accommodate for the screen sizes of the user device. The DNN Skin has options to customize the theme and this package is good for DNN 7. Theme 34445


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Portfolio with Responsive Design for DNN

Responsive dnn skin is becoming more and more popular. The skin can automatically adapt width and skin layouts to fit the devices Smart Phones, IPad, Laptops and Desktops for example. To make a website for mobile. What you need to do is just installing a responsive dnn skin. You don't need any other modules for mobile site or transfer the content to a single site for mobile. Try it! Then you will find it's Valuable and useful...

JQuery Effects

  • Hover the mouse, left or right edge of the window and see image moving Effects.
  • Scroll Functions also included.

Boxed & Full Layout

With both options of Boxed & Full Layout, you can change the complete look of your site by clicking the Boxed or Full button through the Skin Options of the SkinPlugin. When you have Boxed Layout selected, you can choose to use a pre-defined background image, or a custom background image.

Browser Compatibility

We've tested our themes to ensure they are compatible with all the modern web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari,Internet Explorer10 and above also in ipad, iphone and android mobiles.


Skin has been tested in DNN 6x and compatible with 6x. We will also support DNN 7.x when it is released.

Complete source code in HTML

Complete source code for all skin components.Skins are HTML rather than ASCX. This will allow you to do minor changes if you undrestand the DNN skinning technologies.

DNN Compatibility

Skin has been tested in DNN 7x and compatible with 7x.

Skin Elements

Skin Customisation Logo Token Skin Customisation Language Token
Skin Customisation Current Date Token Skin Customisation Copyright Token
Skin Customisation Login Token Skin Customisation Breadcrumb Token
Skin Customisation CSS Menu Skin Object Skin Customisation Privacy Statement Token
Skin Customisation User Token (Register) Skin Customisation Text Token ("You are here:")
Skin Customisation CSS Admin Menu Skin Object Skin Customisation Terms of Use Token
Skin Customisation Search Token

Our Services

  • Dotnetnuke Skin Design
  • Custom Skin Color
  • Logo & UI Design
  • Website Transfer to DNN
  • Make Responsive DNN Skin
  • Convert Graphic to DNN Skin
  • Website Manage Service
  • Module Development

Product License

If you have more than one domain please contact us for a fair quote. If there are any questions beyond what you can ask here at store.dotnetnuke.com then please contact us at salaro.com.

The License is a standard DNN Skin and Module like most other Skins and Modules sold here at store.dotnetnuke.com. We have avoided writing a very long legal document as most customers never read it anyway and since we have been around for a very very long time we trust a fair usage and a customers can expect a fair support that will follow for duration of DNN 6.x upon your purchase.

Product Badges

Azure Compatible