PhotoAlbums 3.4 (Photo Gallery Portfolio, News Article, Album Portfolio, Photo SlideShow)

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PhotoAlbums is an album module with multiple skins and effects. This module integrates features of Article module and Gallery Portfolio module. PhotoAlbums Portfolio (Gallery Portfolio, Photo Portfolio, Portfolio News Article, Album, SlideShow Portfolio, Accordion, Portfolio Image Scroll) Module 34836
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PhotoAlbums is an album module with multiple skins and effects. This module integrates features of Article module and Gallery module. It has advanced features (like multi-user operations, changeable skins and effects etc) and common features as ordinary articles (like posts sharing, posts comments etc). It is a perfect integration of xBlog and DNNGallery modules with stronger album access permission, album SEO as well as album displaying effect. We will offer a regular update with fresh album effects or album skins on a weekly basis, you can enjoy this value-added service free of charge.


  • Compatibility with DNN05.01.04+ ~ DNN7.3+.
  • Support DNN Cloud & Windows Azure.
  • Support browsers IE7-10,Firefox,Chrome,Safari
  • Support multiple album effects, support to add more album skins by upgrading new version.
  • Support transition to different themes with single photo album.
  • Support to control the displaying effect and skin through setting up parameters, each parameter of the effect and the skin is separate.
  • Support jquery validationEngine, friendly and secure authentication
  • Support SEO
  • Support Friendly Url to make your albums easier to be collected
  • Support multi-user albums to compose articles.
  • Support photo albums comments, support to identify spam comments through filter.
  • Support photo album sharing to major social websites.
  • Support to install multiple PhotoAlbums modules in one page.
  • Support albums data import/export.
  • Support Premium User to obtain more photo albums effects and skins through the regular update

Feature Screenshots

  • 1. Album List - 1

  • 2. Album List - 2

  • 3. Album Detail

Effect Screenshots

  • 1. Images Loaded

  • 2. lof Sider Show

  • 3. Flex Slider

  • 4. lite Accordion

  • 5. Trans Banner

  • 6. Grid Navigation

  • 7. Uno Slider

  • 8. Image Scroll

  • 9. Gallery View

  • 10. Camera Slide show

Feature 2.7.0

  • Optimized the performance and display mode of some part of the skin and effect.
  • Corrected the possibility of conflicts between calendar module and other ones.

Feature 2.6.3

  • Fixed the circumstances when the users of the module admin permission can’t see the sorting button.
  • Fixed the BUG of using some SEO module which caused the wrong output of the login address.

Feature 2.6.0

  • Fixed the issue that email notification can’ t be sent correctly under certain runtime circumstance.
  • Optimized the stability of email notification.
  • Optimized the compatibility of data components.

Feature 1.2.0

  • Added albums, photos and categories data import/export functionality, allow you to back up or transfer your data easily.
  • Optimized the module to support DNN7 and Windows Azure.
  • Optimized stability of the module and remove BUG.

Feature 1.0.5

  • Completed the construction of Dashboard module, create effect and function list framework.
  • Completed the transition of 10 photo albums effects similar to DNNGallery module.
  • Completed the development of 5 function display templates: archive template, category template, tag template, ranking template and image list template.
  • Completed design and development of data filtering and parameter settings interfaces.
  • Optimized the entire running speed of photo albums module and some bugs during specific operation.

Feature 1.0.0

  • Completed the module frame constitution, create collection of skin and effect
  • Completed the skin management interface
  • Completed the effect management interface
  • Completed the first set of skin and effects allowing a basic photo album
  • Completed transition of miscellaneous functions, like tags, comments, sharing and comments setup interface.