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Page Manager for DotNetNuke is a DNN Module that allow users to easily manage/search for/edit dnn tabs and copy/add modules in multiple pages. Module 29032


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Compatible with:

DotNetNuke 5

DotNetNuke 6

DotNetNuke 7

New Version Updates

- Now module works with dnn 7


Module information
If a user has to manage a site with a lot number of pages this module will help him to do it better and faster. With this modules users could:

- search for pages by page name (found pages will be highlighted).
- see module installed on a page by clicking on in it in treeview
- copy module from a page to multiple pages (include module settings) by selecting page with check box in treeview
- add the same module to many pages
- see module recycle bin for a particular page and restore/delete modules
- move dnn pages in page tree.

module will maintain page selection after post/back and selected page is always visible in treeview.