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PackFlash Mega Drop-Down Menu and Navigation System 4.6

posted by PackFlash - 2/17/2015
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New! Share menus across Portals! "Smart Nodes" allow more than just DNN page content! Get mega drop-down menus for your skin. Includes a skin converter to replace your existing mega menu with the PackFlash Mega. Admin tool allows you easily add any kind of HTML content to your menus. Module 34270
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4.83333333333333 4.83 (6 product reviews)
Carl N says... 5 5.0
Not only is the skin and mega menu great but the company provides incredible support as well. I also use the publish module and have to say that the... Show More
Posted 2/4/2011
Richard Q says... 5 5.0
Great product - highly configurable... Support has been awesome, quick to answer my Q's - took me about a full day to build a custom template based... Show More
Posted 3/1/2011
Sam H says... 5 5.0
Exceptional skin with precise attention to detail. Easy to install and set up. - Customize it the way you need; The Mega Menu is easy to integrate and... Show More
Posted 4/23/2011
Yohang L says... 4 4.0
Great Tool. Fast on support.
Posted 9/7/2011
Chad Z says... 5 5.0
I've been building DNN sites for 5 years, both at the enterprise level and for small business. W/o a doubt, this is the best menu/navigation module... Show More
Posted 11/2/2011

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