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PackFlash Constellation Suite 4.6

posted by PackFlash - 2/17/2015
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New - Universal Quickfields! Granular Permissions! Extensible attributes and a Web Service API! Build Anything! DNN Social Integration! Share Content Between Portals! Supported content includes articles, blogs, news, events, photo galleries, audio, video & slideshows. Module 34269
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Mark L says... 3 3.0
I am very pleased with the great deal of functionality the modules in this suite offered, but feel there was a steep learning curve due to inadequate... Show More
Posted 8/6/2013
CDA Web S says... 5 5.0
Great suite of products with a ton of potential and power when used together across a site, or sites! PackFlash is great to work with and has been... Show More
Posted 9/16/2013