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OnyakTech DNN Modules, Skins and Mobile Apps Collection

posted by OnyakTech - 3/16/2015
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Complete Package of ALL OnyakTech software and all new products released for 1 Year. Includes secured access to Members Area on www.OnyakTech.com with members forum, resources and more. Module 34397
  • $79.00 Platinum Limited - Single Server
  • $99.00 Platinum - Unlimited Installs
  • $195.00 Platinum Source - Unlimited Installs with DNN Module Source Code
  • $395.00 Platinum - Unlimited Installs - Business Class support
  • $495.00 Platinum Source - Unlimited Installs - Source Code - Business Class Support


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  • Create New DNN Themes/Skins with Theme Studio
  • Create Custom User Registration with OnyakTech Forms
  • Create Custom User Login with OnyakTech Forms
  • Send personalized SMS Messages with Axon
  • Add Live Chat to your site with SigmaLive
  • Create Custom Data Search Forms and Data Grids with AppBuilder
  • Add excitment to your web pages with sliding image animations and other effects with Fast Image
  • Add Custom Navigation with modern visual effects using Juva
  • Create Advanced Data Entry Screens quickly and easily with OnyakTech Forms
  • Backup your DNN Web Sites with Ninja Backup
  • Get Customer Feedback with Surveys using ReZults
  • Test your users by creating your own quiz in ReZults
  • Send customers a series of emails that are personalized and based on previous history (If they read the last email then send the next segment.   If they clicked a specific link in the email then add them to another campaign.  etc)
  • Add Customer Support Center with SigmaPro Help Desk
  • Publish News Articles with Novus
  • Accept Online Payments using OnyakTech Forms
  • Build an Online File Library with File Share
  • Accept PayPal Donations
  • Accept Payal Subscriptions
  • Quickly View and Modify your Data with Data Viewer
  • Provide "Excel Like" data editing in the Data Viewer
  • Instantly generate dynamic PDF reports with the OnyakTech PDF Reports module

You Get Support and All of the DNN Extensions Below

Full featured advanced email marketing with dynamic content, read tracking, e-drip campaigns and more Full featured custom forms module with online dtore, file manager, signature, PDF, email and more.

More Details on DnnForms.com
AppBuilder makes it easy to build complex solutions in DNN with OnyakTech Forms and Data Viewer Create great looking custom displays of your data will user interactions, dynamic query, Data Studio and more. New Theme Designer Everyone Can Use. (BETA AVAILABLE NOW)
Display great looking interactive charts that take your execute dashboard to the next level Easy to use and complete business manager with contacts, appointments and tasks for DNN. DNN Module that will help you easily create ballots, quizzes and surveys for your web site. Increase Sales and Improve Support by offering live chat without the monthly fees DNN Modules for Projects, Service Centers, Help Desks and CRM.

More details on SigmaProDraconis.com
Host module to help manage scheduled jobs, portal statistics, users online (Live), global time chart, site logs, server logs and more. Parallax and Responsive DNN Theme

See it now on Skins.ninja
Add Custom navigation with modern visual effects to DNN News Article Publishing module with RSS, Subscriptions and more. Ninja Backup makes it easy to backup and restore your DNN web site
Online Store Administration Dashboard Mobile App for Hotcakes Commerce.

Give your users the best way to engage in your web site. Loaded with features! Automatically tracks and associates customer interactions from your entire DNN solution Click Point tracks your users behavior on your DNN web site Powerful content publishing module for DNN that makes it easy to create dynamic rich content on your web site
File Sharing module that makes it easy for people to browse a collection of files on or off your site. Instantly turn SQL into PDF Documents Email-IT allows you to quickly add the ability for your current visitors to email your site to their friends with a professional modern style. Juva is a combination of DNN Skins and a menu navigation helper module. Scrolling Content DNN Module scrolls much more then text, it can render full HTML markup up with 16 different effects.
Animate and resize images quickly with many effects to choose from PayPal Donations DNN Module allows you to easily collect donations from your website. PayPal Subscriptions DNN Module allows you to easily collect recurring payments from your website. User Manager Pro makes it easy and fun to work with users. Elite modern features at extreme speeds. OnyakTech partnered with Hotcakes Commerce to provide you with professional DNN Modules and Mobile apps for Hotcakes Commerce.
Immediate Access to All DNN
Modules, Skins and Apps!
OnyakTech Subscription
OnyakTech Subscription
with Source Code

Theme Studio

With Theme Studio you can now focus on the creative side of designing your own themes for DNN. Use one of the included templates or design your own without writing a single line of code.

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SigmaPro is a DNN module for Projects, Service Centers, Help Desks and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

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ReZults Dynamics is a DNN Module that will help you easily create quizzes, voting and surveys for your web site.

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Orca CRM

Orca is a complete customer relationship manager with contacts, tasks, files, comments, scheduler and more.

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SigmaLive allows you to engage in a 1-to-1 or many to many chat with your web site visitors in real-time with DotNetNuke integration.

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Data Studio

Developers and Designers rely on Data Studio to quickly build great looking data solutions on thier CMS web sites.

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Enterprise Forms

Enterprise Forms has one primary goal of being extremely easy to use for those times when you need to create a data entry form quickly and with full creative design rights.

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Ninja Site Backup and Optimizer

Ninja Backup is a powerful web site administration toolset giving you the tools you need to backup and clone your DNN web site.

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Soma Elite

Soma Elite is a powerful content publishing module for DNN that makes it easy to create dynamic rich content on your web site. Turn simple articles into exciting information by using Soma’s Tag Rendering Engine to turn every occurrence of a word into hyperlinks, pop-ups showing additional rich content, Wikipedia look-ups, thumbnail image pop-ups, live content from other web sites or even personalized with the current users profile information.

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Comments Pro

Comments Pro is reactive to the modules and the users, making it easy to add a comments feature to any page and module.

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App Builder

AppBuilder makes it easy to create a combination of many different solutions for your DNN web site that are common to most sites. Just add it to a page, select your options and AppBuilder will generate a complete solution for you on your site.

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Portal Sign-Up

Portal Sign-Up makes it easy to setup a community of portals where users can create their own portals and optionally pay you a fee using PayPal subscriptions

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File Share

File Share is a file distribution manager for the DNN that makes it easy for people to browse a collection of files on your web site or hosted from the Amazon Cloud Services

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File Guard

Are Your Documents Secure? File Guard adds a new layer of security to your web site by monitoring people directly accessing the documents on your web site that DNN is unable to secure.

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CRM Customer Tracker

To be able to enter a customer’s user name into your DNN web site and view complete detailed report of all interactions this customer has had with your company is critical to customer satisfaction. That is exactly what the OnyakTech Customer Tracker delivers.

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Email This Page (EmailIt) allows you to quickly add the ability for your current visitors to email your site to their friends.

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Geo Locator

OnyakTech Geo Locator allows you to search for people or locations near them by entering a zip code. The search returns User Profiles from Roles you specify that are within a set range of miles/kilometers from the zip code they enter.

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Host Commander

Host Commander is a host specific module for system scheduled jobs, portal statistics, users online (Live), global time chart, site logs, server logs, portal pages & modules and web site snapshot generation for user profiles

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Novus News Articles

Novus is a news publishing module for DNN providing RSS Feeds in and out of your site, display messages across multiple portals, organize your articles into multi-level categories with images, automatic email notifications of new articles and so much more.

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PDF Reports

PDF Reports is a report writing module for DNN that produces high quality PDF documents of your DNN data (via SQL Statements) by designing your reports inside OnyakTech PDF Reports module or you can upload your own PDF Template.

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Support can be obtained through live chat, [email protected] or from the Support page on www.OnyakTech.com

1 Year 1 Year

Includes BETA and New Releases

New releases are published every week. You have full access to all new releases included with your account.

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Source Code for DNN Modules

Full source provided for all DNN Modules

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JOSEPH S says... 5 5.0
I've been using OnyakTech for about eight years now, and the various components in this suite just keep on improving year after year.
Posted 1/24/2016
Calvin M says... 5 5.0
You know I am a new customer but with the service I have been getting from Onyaktech makes me feel like I have been their customer for years. I asked... Show More
Posted 9/29/2011
Edoardo A says... 5 5.0
Great support, great stuff. Love the functionality AND the looks of the user interface.
Posted 3/4/2010
Patrick R says... 4 4.0
This worked extremely well.. just wish it went a little faster.
Posted 5/27/2011
Raj T says... 4 4.0
This is a good product, any problems that we may have had originally with Onyak Tech was due to miscommunications.
Posted 3/22/2007

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