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.NukePress leverages best practices from popular blogs such as WordPress and TypePad. It is designed to be easy to use and flexible, giving bloggers greater control of their blogs. Module 13664
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NukePress is a powerful, yet easy to use blog engine for DotNetNuke. It leverages best practices of many of the popular blogs like WordPress (tm) to equip your users with social networking tools from your own web site.

  • DotNetNuke 4.5.5 +
  • .NET Framework 3.5

NukePress consists of the core Blog module and several supporting modules. These modules include:

  • Archive - A list of posts by date for selected blog
  • Bloggers - A lists of DNN users who posted in selected blog
  • Categories - A list of categories for selected blog for selected blog
  • Featured Posts - A list of posts flagged as featured for selected blog
  • Recent Comments - A list of recent comments for selected blog
  • Tag Cloud - A list of tags for selected blog

Features Include:

  • Currently used by major multi-national corporations
  • Developed from the ground up using major blog engines as the premise for design and functionality.
  • Ease of use and simplicity throughout
  • Thoroughly documented and supported
  • Easily import blog posts from your existing DNN Core Blog module
  • No template engine or skinning to learn - manage all aspects of the blog's visual appearance via CSS and your website's skin
  • W3C Standards Compliant Blog Engine
  • No Tables used in the layout
  • Uses highly optimized RSS engine, (not the DNN RSS), which means blog content is updated and viewable in real-time (no delay)
  • Integrated with DNN Search (implements ISearchable)
  • All administrative function from the main blog module, no separate administrative interface
  • Full integration with FCK editor or other editors (RAD® editor), with preview of entries
  • Post Date: Create blogs and schedule for publication in the future.
  • Moderation: Easy-to-use moderation panel allows rapid approval or editing of blog comments.
  • Social Bookmarking and "Share This" feature for simple and fast dissemination to major social media sites.
  • Direct Integration with Technorati™ Tags
  • Full pagination Support
  • Standalone modules - you can add a Featured Posts module to any page at any time and point it to any blog on the portal.
  • SEO: Key information is searchable, e.g., title, keyword, description, and post content, etc.
  • Categories – Add unlimited categories to your blog in seconds. The peripheral “Categories” module can be added anywhere on your site for rapid access to content.
  • Freedom to add multiple blogs and multiple blog administrators to any web site portal (versus complicated and limited sub-blog DNN work-around)
  • Role-based security - We use native DNN security, which allows administrators can assign access based upon roles, giving departments options to delegate blogging to team members. Each blogger is still unique, each having their own ability to syndicate their posts via RSS.

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  • Q: Greetings, Is it possible to import an existing Blog from TypePad into your blog module? Thank you, Eric

    A: Yes, the latest NukePress version can import all popular blog formats.

  • Q: My client has a requirement to measure metrics like what is the traffic to their blog and which blogs get more reads. Does the Blog product capture this information for the client Blog administrator to see? Thanks much!

    A: .NukePress does not have ****ytics built-in, but it is not needed. Our customers can easily achieve ****ytics on all posts. Since each post is considered a separate page by search engines, you can use Google ****ytics (built-into DNN) to track blog activity. If you would like more information on this, feel free to contact [email protected] for more.

  • Q: Does your import tool also work to import content from other blog platforms like WordPress and Blogger?

    A: The beta of the latest version does import from all other major blogs.

  • Q: I've been using the built-in DNN blog for a while now and want something with more features. Does this have the ability to import the dnn blog entries or will I have to recreate every posting I've made?

    A: NukePress has a built-in DNN Blog import. You can access it by going to Blog Settings and, at the very bottom, selecting the DNN Blog to import.

  • Q: Hello, I have a few questions. We use DNN for our corporate intranet. Each department has a page (tab) on the site, and I would like to have a blog on each page that the each respective department's manager can edit. Can this module do that, or does it have to be installed on just a single tab on the site? It is important that the managers (bloggers) be able to include pictures in their blogs. Does this allow for very flexible image incorporation? For instance, can a blogger upload an image and include it in their blog, and have the images they've uploaded be separate from other blogger's images? Does the blog support incorporating other kinds of media, such as video? Lastly, what kinds of rights does a blogger need on a page to add content including text and images to their blog? Do they need edit access on the page, or can they do everything with edit access on the module only? Thanks so much for your help! - Joe

    A: You can install multiple NukePress blogs on a site, to allow for each department to have their own blog that they can edit. NukePress allows for the same editing that a DNN page does. In other words, bloggers can add pictures, documents, and videos to their posts just as they would in a DNN HTML module. Lastly, bloggers only need edit rights to the blog to be able to manage posts. Hope this helps!

  • Q: I am looking at DNN and NukePress to replace an expensive monthly blog system. I will have about 10 users needing unique identities within the blog that will be posting. Does the professional edition allow for multiple users to post?

    A: Yes, you can have an unlimited number of bloggers post with any addition of NukePress.

  • Q: Hi, Will it work with Windows Live Writer? Thanks, Vijay

    A: Yes, the latest version works with Live Writer.

  • Q: My version of DotnetNuke is 4.09.00. Can the Ultimate DNN Blog be used on this version...

    A: Yes, NukePress will run on DNN 4.5.5 and greater.

  • Q: Does the blog have a single RSS output, or are RSS feeds created per user?

    A: NukePress has an RSS feed for the whole blog as well as by category, tag, month, and blogger.

  • Q: Does this allow me to filter a feed by a "Tag" or category and only display that content on a specific page?

    A: Yes, you can filter by category, tag, blogger, date, and featured.

  • Q: For those of us who have been using the stock DNN blog module, is there an importer into your system so we don't lose our data and have to start over?

    A: Yes! NukePress has a native import from the DNN Blog.

  • Q: For SEO it is a must to have the page name reflected in the URL based on title. For example, if the title of my blog post is "10 Cool Ideas For DNN" the page name should be something like: http ://someplace.com/blogs/10-cool-ideas-for-dnn.aspx Does this module do this?

    A: Yes! It has built-in SEO capabilities. For a live example, see http://ingensystems.com/Home/tabid/36/PostID/5/Ingen-at-Austin-Code-Camp.aspx

  • Q: have a demo?

    A: Yes! You can test the full blog at http://demo.nukepress.net

  • Q: Can this Blog support multiple authors on the same BLOG?

    A: Yes! NukePress was designed to use DNN's role-based permissions, so anyone assigned to editor roles can author posts.

  • Q: Can it be set up so that each dnn user automatically has their own blog?

    A: This feature will be available soon. You will be able to give users in a role (ex. registered users or IT Dept) rights to post to the blog, which gives them their own blog on the page. For more, view the NukePress Roadmap: http://nukepress.net/Features/Roadmap/tabid/89/Default.aspx

  • Q: Hi, I was wondering if this module allowed users to "subscribe" to the blog and receive email updates when a new post was added? Thanks! ~ Carole :)

    A: Email subscriptions is not a current feature, but it is planned for the next build. For more information, please view the NukePress Roadmap: http://nukepress.net/Features/Roadmap/tabid/89/Default.aspx

  • Q: Hi, does this have auto ping? Thanks.

    A: Thanks for your question. NukePress does not currently support auto ping, but it we will be adding it in the next build. For more, view the NukePress Roadmap at: http://nukepress.net/Features/Roadmap/tabid/89/Default.aspx

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Product License


.NukePress is licensed on a per DNN installation basis, meaning that it can be installed on one (1) DNN installation. There is no limit to the number of times that .NukePress can be added to portals within the DNN installation.


Ingen Systems, Inc. will provide refunds within 30 days of purchase if a significant bug or issue is found. Ingen Systems values its responsiveness. We reserve the right to resolve any issue within 1 week of helpdesk submission before proffering refund. We encourage all customers to review documentation and preview .NukePress at demo.nukepress.net BEFORE purchase.

Purchaser is responsible for the its web environment and for reading and assuring that their environment meets the minimum requirements for use.

We do not issue refunds or credits for any packages that include source code or enterprise editions.

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4.71428571428571 4.71 (7 product reviews)
Joseph B says... 4 4.0
Requies a patch for DNN 5.5 . I had some initial misteps in getting up and running. Their support (through Snowcovered - don't email them) was great... Show More
Posted 1/3/2011
Lesley T says... 5 5.0
NukePress has a very intuitive and clean interface. Support has also been top notch. We pointed out a small issue and that same day had resolution. ... Show More
Posted 9/22/2009
Alexander A says... 4 4.0
The support has been excellent with questions and issues resolved very quickly. Have yet to fully implement the blog - once there I'll re-evaluate!
Posted 9/21/2009
Lee A says... 5 5.0
Superb module. Roadmap looks good, functionality is first class. No bugs found to-date. Excellent for SEO - would be perfect if (a) it integrated... Show More
Posted 9/17/2009
Edith O says... 5 5.0
We have been very pleased with both the product and the support received from Ingen. The blog product acts much like WordPress; making it easy for our... Show More
Posted 6/17/2009

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Product Specifications

  • .NET 3.5:
    Requires .NET Framework 3.5

  • RSS Syndication:
    Syndicate various information in an easy to use format

  • Social Networking:
    Allow for common social networking features on your portal.